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A beer with the enemy: Redhook's ECS No Equal Blonde

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I've toss around the idea for some time about doing a series of sorts that ties in beer with the game ahead for FC Dallas. Then out of nowhere a couple weeks ago I got an email from some folks at the Redhook Brewery in Washington talking about their new beer that they brewed for the Seattle Sounders' supporters group ECS.

It seemed like the timing was just right to dive into a post that combines two of my favorite things (and I'm sure the same goes to most of you as well): beer and soccer.

Redhook was nice enough to send me some of their new beer for the summer, their ECS No Equal Blonde. The timing was perfect considering FCD plays at Seattle tomorrow.

I'll let the folks at Redhook explain their ECS No Equal Blonde:

ECS No Equal Blonde is a traditionally brewed Blonde Ale. The use of Pale malt, malted wheat and crystal malts give this beer just the right amount of body and character. Cascade and Willamette hops, two very traditional NW hops, help balance out the malt and impart a nice refreshing citrus flavor. Clean, crisp and refreshing - enough to keep you going for the full 90.

STYLE...................... Blonde
ABV......................... 5.2%
IBUS....................... 25 IBU

Overall thoughts: This one tasted a lot like summer to me. Its light, crisp and holds up pretty well on a hot day like we're experiencing in Dallas right now. I certainly appreciate the Redhook folks for sending me some of this beer. I'll be glad to share some of this with some friends as the summer goes on too.

Local Dallas beer that it is similar to: Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde

What is your favorite blonde beer to go with soccer?