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Big D Daily: News for Friday, June 12, 2015

The weekend is here as FCD heads to Seattle.

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Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

It is time once again for the weekend to be here as FC Dallas heads to Seattle today.

// FC Dallas //

Know your enemy: Seattle |

Find out what it will take to down the Sounders tomorrow night with the club's scouting report.

FCD teams find out academy playoff groups |

We touched on this yesterday a bit but it is worth mentioning again for those that want to see some future players for this club.

Tesho earns cap-tie with Canada's win over Dominica |

Tesho Akindele is officially a Canadian player now that he is cap-tied. Oh and Canada won 2-0 yesterday.

// MLS //

Movsisyan heading back to RSL? | Salt Lake Tribune

It is has been a few years since we last heard of Yuri Movsisyan but the former RSL forward may be heading back to Utah.

More Revs stadium documents released | The Bent Musket

Get this thing built already! Seriously, a stadium connected to a rail line in Boston sounds extremely smart and a win for everyone.

Kitchen's stock is rising |

Perry Kitchen is one of those underrated stars in this league right now that few talk about, but at least Matt Doyle took the time to explain why his stock is rising.

Carmelo Anthony heads up new Puerto Rico NASL team |

Yes, you read that correctly. Melo is going to own a NASL team in Puerto Rico next year. Lets see if he can actually keep a team in that area from folding after three seasons.

NASL sue OKC Energy owner | Empire of Soccer

Another one of those funny NASL things as the OKC folks were originally going to be in the NASL and then opted to go to the USL instead. Now they're doing well in the USL and the NASL is still steamed for not being able to get into that market.

The official word on MLS refs | Sounders at Heart

Which ref in MLS is the worst? You can probably guess one of three or four that are the worst.

// FIFA //

FIFA communications chief forced to resign after joke | Telegraph

For anyone that is up to date on the whole FIFA situation, this joke is very late-night TV like. I think it would have killed at a talk show.

When soccer turns dirty, the poor lose | NYT

No mistake about it, as corrupt as the game has been for all of these years, you know the little guys out there are hurting the most from it.

Soccer minnows hit back at German idea to wight FIFA vote | Yahoo Sports

In a way I would like to see the FIFA voting have some sort of weight to it but I can see that getting really messy in a hurry.