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View from the East Stand: Someone...Hold Me...

A seriously embarrassing performance from FCD gave our small traveling contingent nothing to cheer for the entire game. Brutal stuff.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

There was an overcast in Kansas when the game was being played, here in Dallas we were actually having a break from the rain for once (until later that night). Once more FC Dallas was on the Spanish channel sweepstakes, in a continuing effort by MLS to fill the void that Chivas USA once filled by luring the casual Latino soccer watcher. It seems to be us, the Houston Dynamo, and at times LA and Orlando that are getting the Friday treatment. Whatever it is, our players are not happy about playing on Fridays as 2 of our worst losses of the season have both come on Friday evenings.

Questionable Defense

Going down to 10 men is always hard. Yes we were shut out, but there has to be a question thrown at the defense. Why was Tesho Akindele marking Kevin Ellis? Akindele let him have a free run and it was a successful free run. It was abysmal defending. Last year we were still fighting hard even after going down a man. We almost snatched a draw against Henry-led NYRB last year, then came back to beat Real Salt Lake after going down a man. This year the Dallas train seems to be completely derailing when going down a man or down a couple of goals. If we were getting more offense and just conceding on the break then it'd be a little understandable but....

One Shot on Target

If you noticed, there wasn't much offense being generated, and the scoreline isn't the only indicator of that. Kansas' goal was only threatened a few times, Blas Perez's slide, Akindele's shot, but it wasn't anything to really get excited about. We were completely dominated for the whole game. Embarrassing performance to say the least. Do we really drop that low without Fabian Castillo?

There's no fan quotes or most exciting player of the match this time...just sadness. We have 3 more games on the road. I miss being at the stadium, and it really looks like the team does too.

What do y'all think, just forget and move on? Is Oscar Pareja a train conductor that lets it fall off the rails anytime we get behind? Can y'all see us grabbing any points at all from the last 3 games on the road? Let me know in the comments below!