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FC Dallas launches two new shows

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Gina Miller will host FC Dallas Extra Time and FC Dallas Live.

Olivia Brestal/FC Dallas

Get ready for some new FC Dallas content. FC Dallas is launching new shows on TXA21 and the FC Dallas YouTube Channel, hosted by Gina Miller.

FC Dallas Extra Time will make its on-air debut this Saturday at 7 pm on TXA21 as a 30-minute pre-game show leading in to the FC Dallas match versus defending MLS Cup Champions LA Galaxy. FC Dallas defender Stephen Keel will join Miller on set to co-host the first episode. The show will provide an in-depth look at life on and off the field for Keel and some of his teammates.

There are seven episodes planned for TXA21 while a total of 12 will be available on YouTube. The TXA21 shows are slated for pre-game entertainment on June 13 (Seattle Sounders), July 18 (DC United), Aug. 15 (LA Galaxy), Sept. 26 (LA Galaxy) and Oct. 7 (Vancouver Whitecaps FC). The seventh show will air on a date to be determined outside of the regular season schedule.

The 12 FC Dallas Live shows are slated to be 30-minutes long live and will be hosted by Miller and an FC Dallas player. The YouTube shows will air on specific Wednesdays between 1 and 2 pm. CT, with the first show scheduled for May 20.

What do you all make of the new FCD digital additions here?