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MLS Insider features Blas Perez

There are always two sides to every story. For FC Dallas forward Blas Perez, he has plenty to tell. MLS Insider recently sat down with the 34-year old to get his take on what makes him unique on and off the field. We get a good look here at how Perez is both on the field and off.

MLS's website states the following on this piece:

The latest edition of MLS Insider takes a look at the softer side of Perez, offering a rare view of the hardnosed forward as a humble son who honors his father with every goal and a doting dad who supports his own child as he works his way through the FC Dallas Academy.

I know a lot of folks outside of Dallas aren't typically able to see this side of Perez, so hopefully this may change their minds a bit when they get angry with him on the field.