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FC Dallas vs Portland Timbers: By The Numbers

Numbers! Stats! Hooray!

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend's game was just one of those that just really went the wrong way. Statistically speaking, things were pretty even in terms of possession, shots on target, pass completion, duels won, etc. And when things are that balanced, you just need the ball to bounce in your favor a little bit and have a few calls go your way. Unfortunately that did not happen this time around as some suspect defending, blown calls and questionable decision making all went Portland's favor. The good news though is that this is a long season and there's plenty of time to recover from these losses. The hope though for more of these "lucky" bounces and favorable calls go in the favor of Dallas more often than none.

Wasn't the prettiest of games, but here's a look at the numbers against the Timbers:

0 - FC Dallas continues to be winless in Portland, amassing a 0-4-2 record all time in Rose City.

0 - First time in 2015 that FC Dallas wasn't called for offsides.

3 - Michel has already logged in his third assist of the season. He entire 2014 tally was 5.

3 - Is the most goals Dallas has given up in nearly a year. Last time they conceded three or more was a 4-1 loss to DC United on 4/26/2014. Dallas has lost all three games where they've given up 3 or more goals under Pareja.

6 - Most corners for the Hoops in 2015.

8 - First time in 2015 they attempted single digit shots when they played 90 minutes at full strength.

17 - Most fouls FCD has committed this season. Five going to Darlington Nagbe.