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View From the East: Terrible First Loss

We were bound to lose at some point, but the way it went down has to be gut-wrenching to the hoop faithful.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Overall a disappointing night in front of another sold out crowd in Portland. The boys in red just didn't play well enough to earn anything from this match, but at least there wasn't a red card! Not many positives to take from this match, just a gut check that will hopefully be remedied at 6pm on Friday!

Texeira Is Done

This thought might be echoed by others, many were done with him last season, and I was giving him a good chance like Oscar Pareja. There's only so much faith in a player you can have and I hope Pareja's faith in David Texeira is just as diminished as the fans'. We all want to see him succeed, not only would it help FCD as a team but seeing someone have a comeback to their career is always a heartwarming story. Not sure if it's the system we have him playing in or if he's just in a 'Jozy at Sunderland' situation, but he just hasn't convinced me that he should be in the 18 anymore. This game was definitely the thing that reassured the belief.

Team Selection

Walker Zimmerman came in to try and push for the CB position. The young defender was solid but was cruised by for the 2nd goal. The changing of a center-back pairing for a road game was definitely one I questioned when I saw the starting line up, and questions rising from the after match are justified in my opinion. The communication seemed a little off and Zimmerman might have been overwhelmed being thrown into the fire in such a hostile environment.

Our usual partner for Matt Hedges, Zach Loyd, was manning the left side of the defense. I'm unsure as to why however, as Moises Hernandez was seated on the bench for the game meaning he was at least fit for the match. Maybe Pareja wants there to be at least a little competition for ol' Mo on the left of the defense? In any case, Loyd seemed much less effective in this role and hopefully we see Mo here in his usual spot next week.

Tesho and Pareja

My most exciting player to watch had to be Tesho Akindele. There weren't many bright spots out on the field for FC Dallas but Tesho getting on the board is essential for keeping his morale up and getting our reigning rookie of the year set on another tear.

No fan quote of the match this week, instead, what was Pareja thinking by offering a used tissue to Caleb Porter? Was he offering a tissue because of the perceived crying the Timbers were doing during the match to win many more fouls than what should've been awarded? They did get much more than their fair share of fouls, but for Pareja to be that unprofessional not only surprised me but had me feeling a little embarrassed frankly.

Overall a bad game for everyone, does this one game actually take Texeira out of your preferred match day 18 permanently? Did the squad rotation employed during this match doom FCD from the start? Thoughts on the Pareja tissue scandal (Booger-Gate)? Let me know in the comments below!