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Big D Daily: News for Monday, April 6, 2015

You win some and you lose some.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The unbeaten run is no more for FC Dallas as they dropped their first game of the year. We'll dive more into that here but first we have some morning links to dive into.

// FC Dallas //

The last ball just wasn't there |

Some of the post-match reaction from Saturday night.

Porter gives his take on the post-game tissuegate |

Naturally Caleb Porter and the Timbers thought down on the whole tissue that Oscar Pareja had in his hand.

Porter-Pareja incident shows much needed passion |

As silly as the whole thing was, I am in total agreement that more coaches need a little more passion out there at times in MLS.

// MLS //

Week five thoughts |

Lots of thoughts from Matt Doyle in this one, including a good section on our own Victor Ulloa. Wise words there about Ulloa and his inabilities we often over look.

Red Bull owners mulling over another club purchase | Once a Metro

Well that may not be great news for the New York side as their European owners look to buy Leeds United. Or maybe it will be a good thing in the event that the Red Bulls try to unload the MLS side to a new owner. Wait and see huh?

Jones speaks about his recovery | The Bent Musket

While the Revs are starting to find their way, they'll soon have Jermaine Jones back.

What the hell happened to Kenny Cooper | Sounder at Heart

Lots of interesting notes here about the whole contract mess with Cooper.

NASL Virginia side not complete dead | Soccer Wire

It may be an ownership group change or it could just mean this team is delayed from starting yet again.

Zlatan applies for US visa |

While there haven't been any major links to the big Swede and a MLS club, for whatever reason he recently applied for a US visa, something he wouldn't need to do if he were just coming here on a vacation. Hmm..

// Give help //

Sam Williams Memorial Fund

Most of you know about the passing of Williams here recently. Some good folks have set up a fund to help his family out. They've already come close to meeting their goal but it would rad if we all did even more than that!