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Early transition going well for Danny Garcia

He might be on a new team in a new city for now, but FC Dallas midfielder Danny Garcia is already settling in with USL affiliate Arizona United.

H. Jose Bosch

On Tuesday, Danny Garcia, the first player loaned from FC Dallas to Arizona United, made his training debut on a practice field next to Arizona's home pitch at Scottsdale Stadium.

And even though he's far from the practice fields of FC Dallas, from a training standpoint, nothing much has changed for the midfielder. Well, except the weather.

"It's pretty hot here," Garcia said. "I thought Dallas was bad when I left, but I'm sure I'll get used to it here."

Hopefully Garcia doesn't pay attention to the weather forecast. Wednesday's projected high is 100. The projected temperature for the end of training: 91.

But dealing with the weather may be his biggest challenge this week. Between training sessions and a style of play based on what FC Dallas runs, and a trio of players who Garcia has played with before, integrating with the team has been relatively easy.

"It's been good," Garcia said. "The teammates welcomed me really (well). I got to meet everyone and know everyone and they're nice. The culture out here is nice."

He later added: "It's really helpful going into a place where you already know a few of the guys. I know Top (from FC Dallas) and (Alex) Shinsky from the national team and Damien (Rosales) from the (FC Dallas) academy. It feels good because you're not coming here by yourself. You're not coming into something brand new."

Garcia said that he hasn't had a conversation with head coach Michael Dellorusso about how exactly he'll be used on the pitch. But on Tuesday, during drills, Garcia was positioned out wide. Despite it being his first training session with the team, Garcia already had good interplay with some of his teammates and didn't appear visibly affected by the heat.

Whether his presence translates into goals on the field remains to be seen. Arizona United has now been shutout in back-to-back matches and even when the team has scored goals, it's struggled to score them through the run of play. But Garcia looks forward to the opportunity to make something of his loan to Phoenix

Prior to the loan, Garcia had made only four appearances with FC Dallas, all last season. Early in the year, Garcia said he was told that being loaned was a possibility and at first he wasn't fond of the idea. But as the season progressed, Garcia said, he began to see the benefit a loan spell could give him: more playing time.

A spot in the starting XI isn't guaranteed, but Garcia is unfazed.

"I know I'm not just going to arrive here and be guaranteed a spot," Garcia said. "I'm going to have to work for a spot. And I respect that."