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Workhorse of the Week vs. Colorado Rapids

There will be... red. FC Dallas settled for a draw at Colorado, playing a man down for a chunk of the game. Which player worked in the high altitude to preserve the point? Cast your vote here.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Ryan Hollingshead, our newest Workhorse of the Week, with a massive 48% of the final tally in last week's voting. People love this kid. Moises Hernandez and Fabian Castillo rounded out the top 3.

Raise your red took on a new meaning this past weekend.

FC Dallas, after a nice rebound win against Toronto, saw the game against Colorado as an opportunity to keep the momentum going, but Dick Sporting Goods Park is a tough place to play. The altitude, the strange crowd, and the growing rivalry - anything can happen in Colorado. For some good news, Mauro Diaz returned to the lineup and sharpened FCD's attack considerably, grabbing his first goal of the year in the process. Fabian Castillo, of course, did a thing too. A draw, especially away, is not a bad thing. After two losses, FCD now has 4 points in the following two games. Keep it going, boys.

Unfortunately, Blas Perez took the game into his own hands - or gave it away with a fist to the face/shoulder/neck of Drew Moor. Playing a man down the rest of the way meant the tying goal was likely inevitable despite a heroic series of stops by Dan Kennedy and company. In a way, this should make it easier for us to decide who was Workhorse of the Week - which FCD player threw his body on the line to try to preserve a vital point away? Who gutted out the full 90 in a miserable stadium in a miserable situation?

Cast your vote below.

This Week's Strong Candidates

Dan Kennedy

We haven't called his name much yet, but it was a nice thing to see him between the sticks. Dan Kennedy wasn't perfect, but he was close. On the goal that FCD gave up, Kennedy almost got to it. He was active and seemed to bring some calm to the back line in a tough situation. He also showed, in my opinion, a bit more confidence in attacking balls and giving his team the best shot at a clean sheet that he could. I'm nominating him this week, because without him, no offense to Chris Seitz, I don't think FCD gets out of there with a point at all.

Victor Ulloa

The best sign of a young player is how he bounces back from adversity. Victor Ulloa has done that in consecutive weeks. He was sharp, active, determined, and calm against Colorado. He took care of the freaking ball. Partnering with Kellyn Acosta, who seemed to try to slot in as that ball winning/destroyer role, Victor was able to be himself. And when Victor is himself, good things tend to happen.

Matt Hedges

Had he not had to leave the game with a potential concussion, maybe Hedges and Kennedy would have formed an immediate symbiotic relationship to keep the full 3 points. We can only wonder. For once, FCD's defense performed a little better without Hedges in the lineup. Hedges, right now anyway, is the heart and soul of this team. He is the pace setter. This team needs him for the full 90. Without him, we are doomed. Vote for this guy.