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The Splendid, Shoddy, and Just Sickening - Colorado Crumble

FC Dallas had the chance for a great revenge result only to see the flip switched due to a second-half ejection to their striker.

Kellyn giving El Raton some advice.
Kellyn giving El Raton some advice.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Not the most interesting of matches on Friday night at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado. The chances were few and far between with only 7 on target combined from the two squads. Both teams converted one goal as a result of some pretty lackadaisical defending from their back lines. Fabian Castillo ran circles around the Rapids defense before sending a tasty ball into the Colorado 18 for Super Mauro to finish in the first half. After Blas Perez got ejected for a very foolish play (see Just Sickening), the Rapids found new life in front of their home crowd. It took a moment of weakness (with the midfield not stopping the supply and Zimmerman losing his man) for the Rapids to slot home an equalizer and allowing the teams to split the points on Friday night in the Centennial State.

The Splendid:

One of the most brilliant displays of sleight of foot I have ever seen from an FC Dallas player. Fabian Castillo danced, shook, shimmied, and burned the left side of the Colorado back line before sending in a tantalizing ball yearning to be smashed into the net. Super Mauro Diaz obliged, finishing the ball with power to give FC Dallas the lead in the first half in his first start in a while for the Hoops. Mauro and Fabian were dangerous as always and are deadly when working together and on the same page. It seemed to me that Diaz almost always played the best ball when he had it at his feet. He just knows when to dribble, hold the ball, send a through, or play it back. It is tough to gauge soccer IQ but I enjoyed watching Diaz operate in the midfield on Friday night.

Dan Kennedy made his first start as the FC Dallas keeper on Friday evening and was fantastic in my opinion. He made all the saves he had to and had no chance on the goal that was surrendered. For the first time playing with the team in a regular season match, there was no noticeable drop-off between Seitz and Kennedy and that is a good thing for FC Dallas fans. I am not sure who I want to be starting at this point in time, but I would not mind if Dan was "the man" between the goalposts for this week's match-up in "the Armpit."

Kellyn Acosta had his first start since that nasty red card against the Sounders and I thought he played well. Save for that iffy tackle in the second half that earned him a yellow card, I thought Kellyn only had a couple of moments where he did not close the ball off well. There were a few moments of distribution and composure when needed on the defensive end that showed glimpses of the type of player Acosta can be in the center of the park. He seemed to have a good relationship with Victor and the dynamic can only get better. With Mauro pulling the strings up top, he was not asked of much in the offensive end but I thought it was a good effort from the 19 year old.

The Shoddy:

Walker Zimmerman is a player I believe in (I also picked Texeira to be the team's leading score in the boldest of predictions sooo) but I cannot help but wonder, "when will Zimmerman finally be that central defender we and the rest of the league hoped he would be for this team and potentially for the USMNT?" So far, we have seen glimpses of his offensive abilities in the air and a nose for scoring the ball, but Zim seems to make too many mistakes for my liking in the center of the field in the defensive third. I am not sure if he was entirely at fault for the Colorado equalizer, but Zimmerman seemed to let his man run by him and send the ball past a charging Dan Kennedy. How long before he dominates like we were hoping he would? I have faith in you, Walker. Please do not let me down.

The Sickening:

Dear Mr. Super Raton,

We know that you are a passionate player who feeds off the anger and emotion to perform admirably for this team. We know you truly love the phrase #DTID and try your best to embody it on the field. However, you need to learn to keep those emotions in check. Leaving your team in that situation on the road was very selfish. The red card was "controversial" (new angle shows there was contact to the face) and it was a very foolish play. Mr. Perez, you need to know that you cost your team two key points on the road against a hated team and also removed yourself from the team against THE MOST hated squad this Friday. Self-centered does not even begin to describe it. Your team probably takes the full three points if it stays 11 vs 11. Discipline is a must if this team wants hardware. I expect more from you, the leader of our attacking line.

Bonus Sickness:

Was it just me or were Drew Moor and Pablo Mastroeni extra whiny on Friday night. It is becoming a disturbing trend in the league that a few coaches are riding the fourth official and center referee for every single play trying to coerce the referees to make calls in their favor. It kind of makes you wonder if Papi had a point in handing tissues out to some of the coaches in this league. Perhaps, the Disciplinary Committee needs to start focusing on making sure the coaches are not preoccupied with complaints to the officiating crew.

How did Kellyn Acosta look to you in CM? Did he do enough to earn another start?

Do you agree that coaches are becoming "too whiny" in this league or is it that way in many of the top leagues as well?