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FC Dallas to appeal Blas Perez red card

A red card could keep Blas Perez out of Friday's first match in the Texas Derby this season.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As every FC Dallas fan was hoping, the club plans to appeal the red card that was issued to Blas Perez in last Friday's game against the Colorado Rapids.

Perez was issued a red card midway through the second half after a free kick outside the Colorado penalty box. He and veteran defender Drew Moor got tangled up on the play, and based off the replay below, Perez caused Moor to hit the ground. The center official wasted no time on the play issuing Perez a straight red for the foul.

It should be noted that if FCD does indeed go through the appeal that this will be one of their two appeals that they have all season long. Teams are only given two appeals throughout the season for matters like this and from what I've been told by the club this season, the appeals are expensive to go through as well. So in other words, FCD must feel they have a strong case to go to this length to overturn the red card or else they'd just let it go.

The video above is the best replay angle that we have right now. It is possible that FCD also has another angle on this play that helps their case.

Should FCD win this appeal, Perez will be available for the first match in the Texas Derby on Friday against the Houston Dynamo.