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View From the East: Innocent Blas?

FC Dallas takes a trip to Colorado and some questionable calls help the Rapids coming from behind to take a point.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It was a Friday night where you just want to sit down at your house, get cozy with a pillow, blanket, and a jack & coke in order to watch your favorite MLS team go out for revenge against the Colorado Rapids. Unfortunately, however, I found out my Fios subscription did not include the Univision Deportes channel it was being broadcast on. Univision's website provided the game instead, thankfully they had it live streaming. With the Spanish announcers teaching me all the extra names for the Hispanic FC Dallas players, the game kicked off.

Big Saves and a Wonderful Goal

Big Dan Kennedy was in goal due to a slight knock from Chris Seitz. There were a good chunk of FCD fans that wanted him to start from the very beginning, and DK really showed his worth this day. Save after save, I kept thanking the stars that we have President Kennedy in goal. The goal was not his fault, however, and I would really like to see him in goal next week against Houston. Seitz is good, but Kennedy can't be unseated after this performance.

Fabian Castillo, a fan favorite, and entertaining to watch on most nights. This night he produced one of his most entertaining moments with a double cut back that was duly rewarded with a calm goal well taken by Mauro Diaz. But what a play, seriously, if that doesn't get GOTW then there's some serious crime going on in MLS. Easily the best of the week.

Questionable Ref Calls

Questionable calls are nothing new to the MLS. There's even a popular weekly segment analyzing all the calls to create more buzz around the topic of officials. But you can't tell me in this video you can even see what's going on. To me it seems like Drew Moor sells it, absolutely sells it. Blas may have shoved him, but when is a shove a straight red? And the fact that we only have 2 suspension appeals per season doesn't sit right with me in any way. With all the mistakes the officials make, and the controversy MLS almost seems to enjoy, you'd think they'd give more than 2 suspension appeals? Unbelievable.

There was also a dive I feel from Drew Moor on the last free kick that was taken by Colorado. The foul that was committed to give up the free kick was non-existant. Even the commentators said they didn't see a foul. It was just two players going for the ball and one of them fell down. So already the situation is dumb and it's getting my heart rate up for no reason. The free kick is taken, and Drew Moor falls down like he was shoved in the back! Blatant, desperate dive. If that was an FC Dallas player you all know we wouldn't hear the end of it.

Here's your fan quote of the match.

"Refereeing is very consistent tonight. Consistently one-sided." - Scott H. Couldn't have said it better myself!

How did y'all like big DK in goal that night? Would you keep him in for next week? Anyone else want to vent about the poor refereeing in this game? Did Blas poke him in the eyes '3 Stooges' style? Let me know in the comments below!