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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Could Wednesday's weather derail training for FC Dallas?

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Looking at today's weather forecast here in Dallas, things are about to get ugly again with some heavy rain. Hopefully FC Dallas will be able to get their daily training in before all of that hits. Anyways, lets get into some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

FCD's schedule is about to get road-heavy | Dallas Morning News

Yeah, the usual spring swoon could still happen with the amount of road games on the horizon. Thankfully, there aren't too many playoff teams in that road trip. Still, five of the next seven on the road. Yikes.

// MLS //

Montreal feels the support of MLS behind them |

I just hope they come away with a respectable result in Mexico City tonight.

Montreal sells out their home leg of the CCL final | Mount Royal Soccer

Pretty impressive to think that the 105k tonight in Mexico along with the nearly 60k that will be on hand in Montreal will be one of the most attended tournament finals out there.

Toronto has a new candidate for their presidency | Waking the Red

So this was the Italian that was in all of the rumors the other day. Alright.

Tony Taylor out for the season | Hudson River Blue

Definitely some bad news for the expansion side in Manhattan.

Is Darren Mattocks finally living up to the hype? | Eighty Six Forever

He hasn't scored the 60 or whatever number of goals he promised but after a few games this year he does look like a smarter player out there that is actually helping his team win some games.

Changing the Crew | Columbus CEO

Here is a pretty interesting interview with the new owner of the Columbus Crew. He talks about all the changes that he has made with his club since taking over from the Hunts. I'm very curious about what is next for them in terms of the stadium they play in.

Minnesota United looking at stadium options |

The latest expansion team is looking at land for their new stadium right now. They hope to rejuvenate a part of Minneapolis in the process.

Detroit still wanting to get higher up in the pro soccer game |

I've said for a long while that Detroit would be a good market for a pro team. Maybe not MLS but certainly the NASL or USL would be a good fit for that market.

That looks to do it for now, what do you all have to say today?