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The Splendid, Shoddy, and Just Sickening - Double Red Alert

After a blazing beginning to the match, the Hoops survived a "rush of red" on the radar and on the field to defeat Toronto FC 3-2 in a very bizarre match at home.

Lightning, Fabi, and an absolute joy to watch.
Lightning, Fabi, and an absolute joy to watch.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it. We knew it would happen. Everything on the radar called for it. A raging thunderstorm to end all thunderstorms in the Frisco area. I was hoping we would be able to get to half time before the game was called given that FC Dallas had come out "guns blazing" from the get-go. That way, if the game gets called, it can go in the books as a 3-0 demolition and we can all go home happy. Well, that was the ideal scenario.

What really happened was far from that with the game being sent to a rain delay at 41:55 of the first half, leaving FC Dallas reluctant to postpone as that would mean the match would have to start all over again, at 0-0. ANYWAY, the game finally resumed THREE hours later, the teams played for three minutes, took a 15 minute halftime break (seriously), and came back out on the field. After feeling each other out for 35 minutes or so, Sebastian Giovinco put Toronto FC on his back and brought them to within a goal in the waning moments. Thankfully, it was too far out of the reach of the Reds as the Hoops (and their lovely new jerseys) took this one in front of the home faithful (and I mean faithful) by a final score of 3-2 to the good guys.

The Splendid

Fabian Castillo had center referee Ismail Elfath worried in the first half. Our own bolt of lightning, rumor has it that Elfath had to check with the league headquarters after the second Castillo goal to see whether or not it was okay to continue after that lightning strike. Castillo made the most of his chances, finishing two beautiful efforts WITH HIS RIGHT FOOT and being a huge part of the reason why FC Dallas was leading by three at the half. Fabi was splendid in the first half of Saturday/Sunday's game. He did not see enough of the ball in the second half but remains a terror for any defense when locked in.

Blas and Ryan Hollingshead are a joy to watch. Even if the results are sometimes not evident on the score sheet, the influence on this team is apparent for the avid fans. Those two gentlemen continue to exemplify, "DTID" and sometimes I feel like they are willing to leave their last breath on the pitch from how much they run for Oscar Pareja and this team.

Victor Ulloa was masterful against Toronto. Matched up against Bradley, I thought Victor more than held his ground all night contributing splendidly to the second goal of the game in the process. Ulloa was more precise with his passing and covered his defensive duties tremendously. Well done from the Wylie native against one of the toughest match-ups he will face this year. Heck, even Michel had a good bounce-back game. Center midfield was nowhere near as atrocious as last week, though to be fair there was no way it could have been worse. The effect of Captain Hedges, perhaps?

The Shoddy

The second half was very sloppy from FC Dallas. It is hard to blame them for struggling to maintain the same flare after exerting a lot of energy in the first half, but the sloppiness was apparent. Giving up two goals at the end of the half to make things more interesting than they have to be is never really acceptable in my book. Granted, Giovinco looked like a man on a mission, FC Dallas needs to do a better job of closing out the game while up 3-0. I felt like in the entire second half, FC Dallas only had one or two forays into the attacking third. Good on the men to get the result though. In those kinds of wacky situations, anything goes and the team was able to do just enough to survive and take home the victory.

The Sickening

You knew that this Toronto team would play hard until the final whistle (especially given the fact that they had give or take three hours to evaluate and make adjustments to the first half onslaught) so you have to be willing to close them out properly. I wish that FC Dallas played with a little more passion in the second half in front of the fans who had braved the storm and elements for the second half of play. That was particularly sickening as I had a couple of family members question whether or not staying for the second half was worth it given the outcome.

Bonus Sickness:

Barrios had a GOLDEN effort to extend the lead to 4-0 at the end of the first half. The lights went off as soon as the Colombian was ready to tee up the shot on a breakaway and the ball trickled harmlessly wide. I will give Michael the benefit of the doubt since the lights shutting off were probably a distraction but it made me sick to my stomach knowing that the game could have been 4-0 at Toyota Stadium for the 2nd consecutive week, except this time to the team we want to be leading 4-0.

Should be worried about the way the match ended on Sunday morning or was that a result of the circumstances?