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Workhorse of the Week vs Toronto FC

Who stood out to you in FC Dallas' epic and bizarre victory over Toronto FC? Click to here vote (after a 4 hour rain delay).

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Congratulations to Zach Loyd, our Workhorse of the Week winner against Colorado. Tesho Akindele and Ryan Hollingshead came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

As we turn our attention to this past weekend's game, the first question - did you manage to stay up for the whole experience?

The first 30 minutes were near perfection. Fabian Castillo looked every bit the dangerous player he can be, and he probably should have had a hat trick. Ryan Hollingshead and Blas Perez combined with their tenacious pressure against a befuddled Toronto back line to add to Toronto's misery. What an exciting way for FCD to come out of the gate and show that last week's loss was possibly an aberration.

Of course, it's not all glowing - the rain delay was a mess. Two late goals points to a back line that is still very much in need of work. It could have nearly been a draw if Luke Moore had managed to strike true earlier in the game. Both teams were worn out, no doubt, but I don't think that's an excuse for FCD not to find a way to keep a clean sheet. Watson was absolutely torched on Toronto's first goal.

Who stood out to you? What player helped engineer this come back win for Dallas? Who do you want to nominate for our Workhorse of the Week? Cast your vote below.

Rain Delay

This Week's Strong Recommendations

Ryan Hollingshead

Ryan Hollingshead returned to form this past week. The current tweak is to play him more centrally, almost as a backup to Diaz. I'm really intrigued by this, although I'm sure teams are going to learn how to rope him in. Still, he is our current jack of all trades in this team. I bet he would be an adequate RB in the right situations too. His energy and tenacity forced the mistake that gave Blas his 4th goal of the season. Great work, Ryan.

Moises Hernandez

Moises Hernandez is really my favorite here. He earned an assist with a superb pass to setup Fabian's first goal of the evening. It was a delicious ball that put the winger in and caused chaos and confusion on Toronto's back line. Awesome stuff! Moises is young and will likely have some ups and downs to come, but he bounced back in spectacular fashion. I like how aggressive he plays. With better decision making, he has potential to be an exciting left back for years to come.


I'm giving one final vote to Michel. Michel was somewhat quiet in this game. He wasn't spectacular, but he wasn't nearly as awful as recent games. My worry: when Michel goes 90, his followup games are usually not as good. Maybe that's just my inexperienced soccer knowledge, but he did look refreshed in this game and more engaged. I like it when Michel is a little more quiet in the center of the park.