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FC Dallas vs Toronto FC: What we learned

Rain, goals and long delays.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night was always going to be about getting back on track for FC Dallas on this young season. Before the three and a half hour weather delay, the club was doing just that with a 3-0 lead over Toronto FC. But like with everything that happens in a season, things change, but thankfully this time around FCD was able to hold on to win 3-2 on what had to feel like the longest night ever for anyone involved.

There was plenty to take away from this one outside of the long break too. Good first half followed up by a sluggish second half.

About as quick as you'd like to see

One goal 29 seconds into the match. A second not even 10 minutes later. A third shortly before the 30th minute. Now this is the kind of attack that we are used to seeing out of this FCD bunch. As bad as last week's 4-0 loss to Colorado was for this bunch, they made sure to quickly get over it and remind fans at how good they can truly be on the field.

Fabian Castillo's two goals were a thing of beauty too. His first goal was something that I would have never expected him to be able to do as in years past he would have missed that shot either high, wide or straight at the keeper. Instead, it was a clever poke over the keeper with pace. It wasn't even like the Toronto keeper had poor positioning in goal either, Castillo was just better on the play than everyone out there in a grey uniform.

His second on the night was equally impressive. That is the sort of finishing that attackers dream of too. A quick move around a defender to set up a chance to curl the ball into the far post. Yeah, that is sexy scoring right there.

Blas Perez's goal on the other hand was vintage Perez too. Hard working play thanks to Ryan Hollingshead forcing a turnover in the penalty box (where has that been the last three games?) and Perez having no issues creating a goal out of the play.

All three goals were proof that this team will always be entertaining to watch this season.

The weather slowed FCD down

The longer the delay went on the more I thought that it would benefit Toronto. It also didn't help that it came just before halftime too, which meant we got the awkward restart in the 42nd minute followed by a normal halftime break just minutes later. Both the long delay and the normal halftime break likely did more harm to FCD than anything else. You can really only stay so loose in a locker room setting during these things.

While both teams were in the same boat physically speaking, I do wonder how much time Oscar Pareja spent instructing his team to improve defensively or on the wings. It seemed as though Toronto was able to redo their game plan more during the break to stretch the field more against FCD. TFC played a lot of over the top balls to the right side of the field, targeting Je-Vaughn Watson as well as anyone could have. Both Sebastien Giovinco goals were a direct result of rust out of Watson's game. Would Atiba Harris have been any better in that situation? I'd argue that he wouldn't.

Other observations

Kudos to those who stuck it out. Seriously, you guys all rock for hanging around and waiting this one out.

About Barrios starting. Gutsy call from Pareja having Barrios start his first game but really, it was a good time to give this a go against a team that had absolutely no speed in the back. Had he done it against a more experienced defense, the outcome may have been a tad bit different.

Diaz makes the bench. This whole 'he's injured' or 'he's fatigued' thing is getting old. This points back to why we need more transparency in how teams and the league reports injuries. Also, how can a young guy like this be fatigued after three games?

Secondary kits. As expected, they looked awesome. I know people hate seeing them worn at home but I truly don't care about that anymore.