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Big D Daily: News for Monday, April 20, 2015

Is the game still delayed?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I'm willing to bet that some of you have no idea what day it is after dealing with the long delay on Saturday night. I think I finally caught up on some sleep here but now it is back to the work week. We have plenty to dive into today but first here are you morning links.

// FC Dallas //

What did the press do for three+ hours on Saturday | 3rdDegree

Oddly enough, the first home game I missed this year was this one. But it sounds like my pals in the press box kept busy and well fed too.

The Final Word from the TFC game |

I always enjoy this video package that FCD's digital crew puts together, especially following a win.

Where Castillo's goal ranks in the record books |

It isn't even the fastest goal this season.

Toronto made it difficult on us - Pareja |

I agree that in the second half, the Reds began to look like a different club. I'd also argue that the rain and lightening were a bigger factor in slowing FCD down.

Rain delays, confusion and typical MLS | Waking the Red

Our SBN friends up in Toronto weren't too happy with the long rain delay either.

// MLS //

Woodberry returns to MLS with top performance |

Good to hear that our old HGP London Woodberry is back in MLS and is doing rather well with New England.

NYCFC fans need to take a deep breath | Hudson River Blue

I think the 'we all need to relax' thought is true for so many clubs right now.

Former Chivas USA academy boss is moving to be with the LA Galaxy | The Goat Parade

LAFC had a chance to get one of the better soccer academy guys in their market but instead they let him slip away to the enemy.

How HGP signings influence every MLS roster | 91st Minute

A fairly interesting take on how HGPs are doing in MLS right now in comparing them to some EPL sides right now.

MLS TV ratings thus far |

For those that are into these sort of numbers and figures, have at it.

How NYCFC can help move the needle on the salary cap | Hudson River Blue

I should point out that this came out late last week but it is still worth a read. Definitely an interesting look at how some owners in the league were handling the last round of CBA talks. I think it is fair to say we'll eventually see a shift from the cheap/conservative owners like the Hunts and Krafts and move closer to those that want to spend more.

If you could change one thing in the sports industry |

This one is rather long but it is cool to see interviews with so many media panelist to see what they'd do. The soccer part of this is interviews with Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman (of course). But I'm all for both of their answers.

Alright, that looks to do it for now. What do you all have to say today?