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View From the East Stand: The Longest Game

A journey through the events that happened on a night in which water and goals rained down at Toyota Stadium.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It started as a wonderful night in Frisco, Texas. On arriving at the stadium the overcast was notable, as the sky was much darker than on other nights, but it felt like it would just lightly rain. Ignorant me decided not to look at the doppler radar and just enjoy the game as it went on. The weather was so nice before the storms rolled in, perfect shorts and t-shirt weather. The crowd responded by showing up in numbers. A good number showed up in USMNT jerseys wanted to see the stars from the national team play.

Sebastian Giovinco, Michael Bradley, and Jozy Altidore were all in town ready to try and stop their winless streak and try to gain some momentum against our FC Dallas side that had suffered losses the past two weekends. That attacking prowess versus our defense that had let in a total of seven goals in our last two games? Nerves settled in as the ball was kicked for the start of the game.

Lightening Quick Start

Fastest goal in FC Dallas history, you can't get much quicker than that. Normally I'd expect Fabian Castillo to put that wide, shoot straight at the keeper, or think too much on the ball and get it taken away. This time the Colombian knew where to put it and did so twice in the span of mere minutes.

Blas Perez then added a third off a defensive mistake, the pressure Blas constantly puts on the backline finally paid off with the Panamanian slotting the ball cooly into the net. The crowd could scarcely believe it. After that atrocious game last week it felt like the team was apologizing for it in a big way. There was a feeling like this could get out of hand very quickly.

When the Rain Comes Down

Little droplets started coming down, nothing more than a sprinkle at first. Then gushes of wind came prompting many who had an idea of what was coming to leave the stands. Fans left the stands in droves, either to take shelter or to their cars to leave. Not really blaming them though, the score was 3-0 to the good and there was little chance of Toronto FC coming back and making a game of it at this point it seemed like. The wind and rain continued for a while until Barrios was on a fast break in on goal (which in my opinion he should've converted), then the lights went out in the stadium.

The crowds were ushered out of the stands and took shelter where they could. Rain was being thrown in all directions, the temperature dropped and a majority of the crowd were heading for the exits. The intercom told us to head to our cars and they'll keep us updated via Twitter. We had parked far away and didn't want to walk all that way in the rain so me and my friend ended up taking shelter in the men's bathroom on the south east side of the stadium. It was warm there and there were many people already in there. The storm intensified as we waited in the bathroom, we watched as the winds picked up and the rain poured relentlessly. Twitter updates were being read out and likelihood of the game resuming was discussed. The stadium had some fun by requesting people to send in song requests via Twitter that had to do with rain. "Chocolate Rain" was the first I heard them playing over the speakers. Songs like 'God of Thunder', 'Texas Flood', and 'Umbrella echoed eerily across the vacated stadium and kept us slightly entertained during the wait.

I Can See Clearly Now...

The rain had gone, the lightning and thunder had subsided, and the pitch was cleared as much as possible for play to resume. It was around 11:45pm at this point if I had to guess, our phones had died much earlier in the evening. Maybe 3% of the crowd has stayed to watch the finale. The Beer Garden was about 15% full, while half of the El Matador section had stayed to continue their excellent music. The storm seemed to have revitalized Toronto, or just killed our momentum, as their defense shored up and their attack was much more threatening. The last couple minutes were unnecessarily nervy as the Dallas defense allowed Giovinco to score two very good goals and put the win at risk after such a long wait. The crowd was in a nervous hush until finally the final whistle was sounded and the saga finally finished.

Fan quote of the day:

"Dude, I don't care if they take another hour to play, I'm sticking it out for my team." - Dedicated fan who said this about two hours into our wait.

Did all of you weather the storm or make the smart decision to go home? Where did y'all hold up if you stayed? Anyone else feel like the storm absolutely killed our momentum for the game? Let me know in the comments below!