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April Outlook: Can FC Dallas remain hot?

FCD got off to a great start in March, but can that trend continue in April?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We've seen this time and time again. FC Dallas starts off the season with a red-hot March but by the end of April, things are begin to sour a bit on the year. But maybe this year will be different as the calendar turns to April in 2015. Maybe this is the year that FCD remains hot for another month into May.

Portland Timbers - away - April 4 (9:30pm)

Ah, going to Providence Park is never...ever easy. Ever. Portland is always a different animal at home and as we saw last year, FCD can be dominate on the turf but still manage to find ways to drop points in that building. Will this year be different? Portland is winless out of the gate in March and is still battling injuries to key guys (Jack Jewsbury, Will Johnson and Diego Valeri are all out) along with trying to find ways to bring new players into the roster. Maybe this will be a chance for FCD to catch the Timbers while they are struggling.

Colorado Rapids - home - April 10 (6:00pm)

Colorado matches are already interesting just because of the Oscar Pareja storyline now. But this Rapids team is starting to become a tough defensive group, taking after their head coach Pablo Masteroni. Their offense has struggled out of the gate though, which should help matters out as FCD has an attack that they probably can't handle.

Toronto FC - home - April 18 (7:30 pm)

So what do we make of this Toronto team? It is still pretty early to tell to be honest. We know they have the big guys in Jozy Alitdore, Sebastian Giovinco and Michael Bradley but do they have much else? Right now their defense is in a bind injury wise. I don't think they have the speed to handle Fabian Castillo, Michael Barrios or even the likes of Ryan Hollingshead or Tesho Akindele.

Colorado Rapids - away - April 24 (9:00 pm)

Two matches with the Rapids in one month? Alright then. The joys of the schedule these days I suppose. Going to Colorado is never an easy task but this could be another year that FCD does well in that building.


Just like with March, this is a month that is set up very nicely for FCD to do some serious damage. A lot of it starts with how things go in Portland this weekend. Three points there could easily snow ball into six more with the two straight home games. I also like the fact that they get Colorado twice as that is a team that they should be able to control the match and dictate how things go. Is it fair to say 10 points is realistic again this month? Absolutely. Would I be disappointed if they got anything less than that? Probably so.