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Should FC Dallas make a run at Kenny Cooper?

The romantic in me says "Yes".

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Sounders have reported that they have released former FC Dallas striker Kenny Cooper and I know there were some mixed feelings here when he was traded away for Adam Moffat last season. His second return to Dallas was a complicated one where he was often played out of position and his goal return was far from his norm. But should Dallas make a run for him despite the rumors saying that Montreal are in the running for his services? Does he fit into this system? Does Dallas even need another forward?

The Case For

I have raised my concerns regarding David Texeira. His most recent outing was forgettable, often I went stretches without realizing he was even out there. It's just not what a team needs from a backup striker, even when down a man. Kenny Cooper on the other hand, clearly can play in this league and when in the right system, can be a healthy provider of goals. (2012 - 0.64 goals per 90.)


If Dallas were to embrace that 4-4-2, Cooper would be an excellent strike partner for Blas Perez. This does mean pushing Tesho out wide and Ryan Hollingshead to the bench which may not be ideal. The other option of course could simply be leaving Cooper on the bench and being the go to sub off the bench. Either way, it stacks Dallas' offense with greater power and balance that Texeira at the moment.

Finally, even at 30 I think Cooper would provide more offensive power than Texeira could at this present time. Take a look at some of the data pulled from American Soccer Analysis:


Both played limited minutes and limited roles but Cooper still managed to find some way to contribute. And of course, none of this factors in the six goals he contributed in the Open Cup. If Dallas wants to make a run for the Shield and the Open Cup, they'll need a little more depth especially when the Gold Cup this summer pulls Blas away.

And of course, he is a local legend. The only reason why I'm writing this piece is simply because of how well liked he is.

The Case Against

Money. I fully admit that I know little about how the salary cap structure works. I mean, I know it in theory but with all the hidden numbers *cough* allocation money**, it's just hard to really gauge who would be worth it or who wouldn't.

Plus, we had a home coming before and it may just be time to finally just remember Cooper as a legend who did great things for FC Dallas but it's now time for all parties to move on.

So, what would you do? Let's hypothetically say his salary hit would be equal to Texeira and we were able to get David off our books. Would you make a run for him or is it time to say goodbye?