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FC Dallas Transfer Rumor: Who is trialist Caio Quiroga?

As always the FO is pretty mum on their player dealings, but here's what we know about the trialist.

Credit to Steve Hunt (@dfwsportsguy93) for digging this up.

We don't know much else but there's the always reliable Youtube highlight clips that we know to be deadly accurate in presenting the true talents of any soccer player.

It's not much but in these really short clips you can see why FC Dallas brought him in. He seems to drift between the center and the right side of the midfield, which would plug a huge creative hole in the current Dallas lineup. He looks to have good technical ability with a great deal of composure on the ball which would be ideal if Pareja wants to move Dallas forward in a more possession based style of play. Some of the touches and passes are very reminiscent of Mauro Diaz in terms of defense splitting vision and passing which we know the fans would drool all over.

Hunt reported that FCD will look at Quiroga for this week, so a decision will be made by tomorrow. Personally, if the price is right I'd love to see him in Frisco. If nothing else, it provides some depth for the roster and allows Dallas to start loaning out players to Arizona soon. What do you guys think? Based on what you see, should Dallas bring him along?