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Canada manager states Tesho Akindele will pass on USMNT for Canada

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

For a while now we have seen the back and forth discussion of whether or not Tesho Akindele would suit up for his birth country of Canada or the United States, the country he moved to as a kid.

For those keeping score at home, last fall Akindele declined a call up from the Canadian national team to remain with FC Dallas during the playoff push. He then received a US national team call up from Jurgen Klinsmann in January but was unable to play due to a FIFA rule.

Now it looks as though he could be going to his birth country. According to, Canada manager Benito Floro said Akindele is "99.9 percent" committed to the Canucks.

"The United States never called him [after January] and I decided to take two, three, four months to correlate if Akindele is absolutely sure to play with Canada," said Floro.

If we are real honest about this situation we should be nothing more than happy for Akindele. He will likely get a better chance to play for Canada than he would with the United States where he would be further down the depth chart at the forward position. Akindele has always been quite reserved on this subject, so knowing which side he feels more align with at this point is really only something he can truly answer.

I will say this though, if he does pick Canada and gets a call up this summer during the Gold Cup, it will make things mighty tough on Oscar Pareja.