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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We're pushing forward as FC Dallas is getting ready to host Toronto this weekend.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The slow march towards the weekend continues around here. FC Dallas is looking to put the Colorado game behind them, we have a few more thoughts on that match coming out today before we move on as well but first we have your morning links.

// FC Dallas //

What is wrong with FC Dallas? Sports DFW

Like the disclaimer at the top of this article states, those looking for a silver lining need to keep looking.

// MLS //

Instant Replay for Week 6 |

Simon Borg does his weekly breakdown of missed calls and what not. As you'd expect, he doesn't fully give FCD the 'its a penalty' line on the first half play against Colorado.

Ike Opara suffers Achilles injury | The Blue Testament

I can't tell you how bummed I am for this guy. I've always been a fan of Opara's game and was really pleased that this season he was finally beginning to break out. But once again the injury bug finds him in a nasty way. A ruptured Achilles tendon. Get better Ike.

MLS adds Coca Cola as their latest big sponsor | Bloomberg

Yet another large company putting money towards MLS. Good sign for the league. I do wonder what it means for us Dr. Pepper fans in this part of the country. Oh well, kind of makes me glad that I ditched drinking soda a while back.

Philly loves having their hometown hero | Brotherly Game

Nothing like a hometown kid getting the chance to show his worth to the locals. Union keeper John McCarthy was able to do just that last weekend. Pretty cool interview from him.

Montreal has sold over 45k tickets for CCL final | NBC Sports

The CCL will finally have a home and home series that will be well attended here. We know the Club America will probably fill a large chunk of their massive stadium while Montreal is doing their part to fill the old Olympic Stadium too.

San Antonio is the perfect meeting spot for US-Mexico | US Soccer Players

In a friendly environment I am totally on board with places like San Antonio hosting this kind of game. Beats Phoenix hosting it in my book.

Galati discusses when the US will next host a World Cup | LA Times

It really will be a matter of when instead of if for the US hosting. We know the country can handle hosting a tournament with little notice too. Part of me has felt that all along that the US has been FIFA's backup plan should things go really bad in Russia or Qatar. But on the flip side, getting it in 2026 may not be the worst thing either.

Alright, that is enough for now. What is going on with you all today?