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The Sickening, Sickening, and Just Sickening - Roaring Crapids

So, that did actually happen on Friday night. It was not a nightmare.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas was hosting a team that had not won a match in months. The Hoops were playing at the fortress in Frisco, the Tundra that freezes opponents from their fear of the Guardians, Toyota Stadium, where they had not lost in months. This was supposed to be an easy win, right? Unfortunately, it seems like the Dallasites had the same complacency about them and the Colorado Rapids made them pay from the opening whistle with clinical finishing en route to an absolute shellacking in Frisco, 4-0 to the bad guys.

The Sickening

You know when you are playing Jenga with some friends and someone pulls out a piece thinking, "yeah I believe it can hold for the time being," only to see it crumble and end the game? In our soccer kicking adventure on Friday, Matt Hedges was that important Jenga piece and the defense came crumbling down as a result of his presence being sorely missed. The back line was in shambles from the first foray forward into FC Dallas territory as the two center halves were unable to pick up Badji who slotted his first of the game with precision to give the visitors the lead.

"Give up an early goal? No problem. Surely, we can recover. All we need is a goal, right? Let's get to half with the deficit at 1-0, make some changes, and come back firing on all cylinders."

Those were my thoughts as the 40th minute rolled around on Friday evening. Then, Dillon Powers ran circles around Je-Vaughn and crushed a beaut far post for the 2-0 at the stroke of halftime. Poor defending had cost us two goals in the first half and ultimately led to our demise.

The Sickening

What is a good way to cover for a struggling defense? How about possession, crisp passing, and oh scoring goals when presented with opportunities? We had possession because they gave it us, but the rest of it was nonexistent. For the second consecutive match, the passing was atrocious by this team. Michel was a turnover machine, Victor Ulloa was constantly forced into trying to cover for him, Ryan Hollingshead ran his face off trying to make anything happen, Fabian Castillo was not active enough, trying too many times to take things into his own hands. It seemed like he did not trust his teammates enough as weird as that sounds. The forwards were starved for service and never really had too many good opportunities on goal.

The Sickening

Something has to change. The center of the midfield made me sick to my stomach. I love Victor but he needs help and Michel is not the answer. Like Drew said, he has become a liability for this team. His service is just not worth it when you examine it in a broader perspective. I think that was FCD's biggest problem in the last two matches. They were unable to control the match, plain and simple. I want to see a change here. Kyle Bekker, Kellyn Acosta, Pareja himself, I do not care at this point in time.

Bonus Sickness:

That was a home match in front of the die-hard fans who were able to fly there on a 6:00 PM work day.