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Workhorse of the Week vs. Colorado Rapids

I feel for you. You attended and/or watched FCD's disastrous game against Colorado. But please vote for your Workhorse of the Week. Please.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to our Workhorse of the Week winner against Portland. Yes, with 31% of the votes, it was Walker Zimmerman. Ryan Hollingshead and Tesho Akindele rounded out the 2nd and 3rd place positions respectively.

I may not be writing with my normal zeal, but I took time out of a spring break schedule last Friday to watch the FCD-Colorado game. And yeah, I regretted it. I could have been walking a Delaware beach as the sun set. I could have been drinking a cold beer and celebrating life. Instead, I was huddled in front of my laptop, witnessing a train wreck.

Hey, it happens. Two losses in a row is a serious counterbalance to the strong start of the season for FC Dallas. Those of us who follow FCD can equally remember other such miserable showings in our past. We can taste the misery of those long droughts in late spring. We shudder at the sight of another proven player limping off the field, leaving a gaping hole in his squad's chances at success.

The challenge this week is finding anything positive to say about any FCD player performances. Colorado took it to FCD. Subbing two players off at halftime to interject life into this squad says it all, but those fresh-legged subs failed to make an impact. This may have just been an inopportune game where a hungry Colorado squad finally woke up and put their talent into action. Or it may have been FC Dallas getting further exposed in their lack of depth.

Regardless, get to it. Vote below. Nominate your player who you think played with the most grit and determination for FC Dallas. Share your thoughts in the comments section. Weep. Or counsel us. Do something.

This Week's Strong Candidates

[This space intentionally left blank.]

This Week's Possible Candidates

Tesho Akindele

Tesho was possibly the smartest, hardest working player on the field for FCD. However, he can't quite work miracles without good service and some cohesion as a team. He likely had one of the better shots on goal of the evening for FCD, and it's a perfect microcosm of this team. In the video, notice how Ryan Hollingshead and Kyle Bekker actually manage to win the ball back and get it forward. Tesho gets into great position and takes a nice shot. Then, the comedy of errors follow the sequence. Oh well, keep working hard, Tesho. We need you.

Zach Loyd

Zach did not have his best game, but it was his first opportunity to wear the armband for FC Dallas. That's a bit surprising. Zach also did not give up through the course of this game. He did not partner well with Walker or the rest of the defense, but he nearly got his team a goal with a gutsy header in the dying minutes of the game. He could have phoned it in but played to the whistle. We know Zach is the least of the problems this team has.