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View From The East Stand: The Five Stages of Grief

We go through the 5 stages of grief that played out on Saturday evening with the Colorado Rapids giving a lesson in soccer ball kicking to the Hoops.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It was a beautiful, absolutely gorgeous day in North Texas with the weather not too hot and not too cold. Brilliant day for a game, and with optimism at an all time high we were ready to see a good showing from our boys in red. The crowd was unfortunately sparse, 6pm on a Friday definitely depletes Toyota Stadium of a good chunk of fans. Too much confidence is never a good thing to have when going into a game. FC Dallas had a bad outing last week and had a chance to redeem themselves against familiar punching bag from last year the Colorado Rapids.

Denial, 0-1

Arriving a little late to the game unfortunately, my friend said "wow, look at the scoreboard already." I told him it was a glitch and that's funny they're showing 0-1 to the Rapids already. Then the announcement came on that in fact a goal had been scored. Genuinely thinking the scoreboard had messed up until that announcement made for a good laugh. 'We'll get back on track' I thought. No way we lose to Colorado at home!

Anger, 0-2

Marcelo Sarves was rolling around the pitch like a little girl and the east standers were giving him hell for it. All sorts of names were being hurled at the player who went down as if he'd been shot in the leg. He then promptly stood up, walked maybe 5 steps, and then slipped in Dillon Powers who charged at goal and scored with a crushing shot into the bottom corner of Chris Seitz' far post. Marcelo reacted by yelling in intense celebration at the east stand fans who had been pelting him with insults just seconds before. I was absolutely livid, and emotion that I can guarantee was shared by all those in the stadium.

Bargaining, 0-3

An unmarked Gabreil Torres slotted in the 3rd and at this point it was time to reason with the team. Please, just one goal...for the Cane's chicken. Colorado were 3 goals to the good and there was no way the Rapids were shipping 3 goals when all season they had only shipped out 2. Fact check that. At this stage it was bargaining with the team to do it for the Cane's delicious chicken if nothing else. Chance after chance for FC Dallas went. Atiba Harris fluffed a terrible shot that garnered an emphatic reaction from me. Maybe a little anger was still at this stage.

Depression, 0-4

The ball was lost in midfield, really indicative of our day to be honest, Dillon Serna picked it up and just had a go with our man standing way off him. Incredible goal, and one that just make this day a full on nightmare. Sadness reigned, and fans began flooding out in droves. East stand is mainly families so slightly understandable that they don't want to sit in traffic after the game. What was taking place on the field was a tragedy that no one who roots for FCD wanted to witness.


It was nearing the end. Cane's chicken seemed out of reach, 4 goals had gotten past a Hedges-less Dallas side, and nothing seemed to be going our way. I slunked in my chair and accepted things as they were happening. It was finished. FC Dallas, fans, coaching staff, players alike all need to remember it's a long season and this will be just a bad blip on the radar. The Hoops will definitely come back wanting to atone for the horrific display on Friday night. What better way to awaken the beast that is The Hoops by getting thrashed by the worst team in the league? Also, what game were the refs watching?!

Good quotes from the fans this week, here are a few:

"Ref are you blind?!" - 7 or 8 year old kid screaming after another no call.

"No! Don't give it to the blonde guy!" - Fan behind me talking about Bekker's bad cameo.

There was really no exciting player to watch this game, or was there someone who deserved a shout? Have all of you accepted what went on at Toyota Stadium on Friday? You didn't leave early did you? Panic time or just calm down? Let me know in the comments below!