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Arizona United vs Austin Aztex: Preview, notes, and how to watch

FCD's affiliate is in the State of Texas tonight.

Arizona United SC

Dennis Chin is pissed.

It's the final training session before Arizona United takes of for it's match tonight, against the Austin Aztex, and Chin's small-sided team is getting its ass kicked.
After getting knocked off the pitch by allowing a goal, Chin's team promptly gives up another goal when it gets back into the small-sided game. Without getting a chance to touch the ball, Chin yells and violently punches the air when his team allows a goal and he has to walk back off the pitch.

So, does he take comfort in the fact that he's coming off a USL Team of the Week performance?

"I rage when I'm not doing good," said Chin after training, with a smile and a laugh. "I rage. I don't get complacent. It's a good thing, but nothing really that I'm big on."

Chin has logged enough time as a professional to know that this kind of honor, and the play that precedes it, can be fleeting. Especially this early in the season.

"Back in the day, a couple of years back, it would've been rough," said Chin about dealing with league accolades.

"Because you would be all pumped and excited and, 'People notice me!' Now it's just off my shoulder. If you're on the team of the week that means you have to perform every week and make sure that you keep that level high."

Out of all of Arizona's offseason's signings, Chin is arguably the team's most important. At the beginning of the season, head coach Michael Dellorusso said that Chin brings an element to the team they didn't have in 2014: a dynamic scorer up top. And in just two matches this season, that difference is already clear.

Against Los Angeles Galaxy II, Chin scored Arizona's first goal and provided the assist on the game-winning tally. In the week prior, against Orange County Blues, Chin scored the first goal of 2015 for Arizona.

And Chin's value isn't just on the pitch. As a player who was on Orlando City from its early days in USL up to its preparation for a move to MLS, the Kingston, Jamaica native knows what it's like to play with a new organization trying to make a place for itself in the soccer landscape.

All of it can be daunting for a player who has only been with his team for three weeks.

"You can say there is pressure," Chin said. "But I don't think I feel it because that pressure was always on our shoulders already (in Orlando). So we take that individually."

Chin added: "We expect so much for ourselves and that usually seeps down to the rest of the team. It's not like, oh my God, we have to get this team to the next level, to MLS, or to championships (right away)."

The team hasn't had many chances to get out and into the community in 2015, but Chin said he looks forward to playing home games and getting to know the fans and the community more as the season wears on and help grow the team's presence.

And as for Orlando, the team he starred with, but didn't bring him along in their move to MLS? Chin has no hard feelings, at least not publicly.

"It's good to come out and experience new things," Chin said. "You're only an athlete for a short amount of time and yeah, it's nice to play with the same team for a long amount of time. But sometimes you need something new to help you revitalize your career and I don't know if staying in Orlando would've been the best thing for me."

The 2012 USL goal-scoring leader acknowledged that even last season, he was still not approaching the game well mentally, something that drove his former coach, Adrian Heath, crazy. And he believes that prevented him from reaching his full potential as a player. But Chin wants 2015 to be the year he showcases his maturity as a player.

"This year is the year I want to show everyone that this is the real me," Chin said. "This one-dimensional player that you saw that just ran after the ball and is fast; I want to show that I can create opportunities, I can come in, I can defend, I can do all sorts of things that people didn't think I could do."

If he succeeds, Chin won't be the only player pissed on the pitch. Opposing players will also be yelling obscenities into sky and punching the air in frustration.
And Chin will just smile and laugh.

How to watch:

Opponent: Austin Aztex (2-1-0)
Location: House Park, Austin, TX
Time: 8:00 p.m. CT
Streaming: The match will be streamed live on