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Is it time to worry about Mauro Diaz?

Diaz hasn't practiced much lately with the team.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Sound the alarm. Wait, no...don't do it. Okay, go for it. Or not. Ah, I don't know anymore when it comes to this situation surrounding FC Dallas midfielder Mauro Diaz.

For what it is worth, Diaz is coming off a knee injury from last year and some hamstring issues as well. Needless to say, the guy has been banged up for a while now. What is interesting is to note that Diaz has been carrying injuries since the preseason according to the Dallas Morning News' Steve Hunt.

Last weekend, Diaz didn't play against Seattle as the club was holding him out and doing training on the side as Oscar Pareja called it. So far this week, Diaz has been doing more training on the side according to various reports.

Pareja sounds optimistic though about where Diaz is going in his recovery though as he told the Morning News that everything is actually going according to plan with Diaz so far this season.

Is there a concern for us that Mauro is hurt? Absolutely no. Mauro is just in a different program. Remember that last year he didn't play much. In preseason, we pushed him a lot. We wanted to get a few games with 90 minutes and we achieved that. We felt that in Philadelphia, he started feeling tight. You saw it in the last five minutes. Then we decided just to be careful in the next two weeks and work on different aspects so we can strengthen his body.

The report from Hunt also shows that the main issue is a lower body injury for Diaz, meaning he is still dealing with his knee and likely his hamstrings - all things the club is working on managing here with him.

So is there reason to panic? Yes and no. Yes for the fact that the club hasn't found a true backup option to start in Diaz's place. No, because we've seen time and time again that the club can actually do alright without Diaz on the field in a 4-4-2 setup.

What are you all thinking with regards to Diaz right now? Let him take his time to get healthy here or be concerned that it is still lingering?