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Weighing the good and the bad of the new flash tickets at Toyota Stadium

Some fans love them, other fans hate them.

via Jermey Burdett

There is something sentimental about a physical paper ticket. Every year season ticket holders look forward to the day, in any sport really, when their season ticket package comes in with all freshly printed tickets.

The new flash tickets are a system that FC Dallas has introduced this season at Toyota Stadium. The background is rather simple on them as they eliminate the need for a paper ticket, allowing fans to use an electronic ticket on their smartphone to enter the stadium. Fans can also use the system to transfer tickets that they can't use to other people. There is no cost for fans exchanging their tickets as well.

But some of this is being met with some initial headaches for some fans.

"I've just not enjoyed it," explained Tim Culberson. "I don't have a smart phone so I can't do that and I don't want to give my license to FCD either, so that leaves a credit card. Which I am loathe to do. I just wish they had offered an option of either electronic or paper. Or even supplied us with ID cards from FCD we can use, that'd would have been the fan focused method."

The kinks seem to be working out as things unfold too. Other teams use a season ticket holder card to be used for their tickets. Each card aligns with one seat per account. This type of thing would easily resolve the issue that people are having with the need of a credit card or drivers license to pass tickets around.

The printing of actual tickets at the stadium has also been a struggle for some. At the preseason game against D.C. United, one fan explained that even though his four tickets weren't being used, they all still had to be printed out.

"The gate person said that they had to print all 4 tickets out, that I could not just do the one," said Jeremy Burdett. "I was the only one to go. I heard others had same issues, I also heard some gates had no issues printing just the one. My biggest issue is how my family will get into a game. The application can only be logged into one at a time, so that's almost useless for us. I go in early to games and usually the wife and kids go in after. This is a pain under the current set up."

Still, most fans did see the good in this new system as well. Several folks saw through the flaws and accepted the fact that things would improve over time.

Maybe the most important thing, to some fans at least, is that you can still get your free Raising Canes the day after the game without the need of the physical ticket stub.

What has your experience been like so far with the new e-tickets? Are you pleased with this type of change or are you still fuming over the lack of physical tickets to have as a keepsake?