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View From the East Stand: Tifos Galore!

The start of the new MLS campaign was brought in on Saturday night. The excitement of the home opener was in the air as San Jose was welcomed into Toyota Stadium to be the first opponents in 2015 for FC Dallas.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Driving to the stadium just hyped up the hype I was already feeling. Getting stuck in that northbound Tollway traffic again. Battling for parking again. And walking around with the thousands of fellow FC Dallas fans was just as priceless as ever. The weather was chilly, mid-50s and me with my t-shirt and ball cap were not prepared for that. Should have dressed warmer.

Parking & Tifos

It seems to be that even when the stadium is not sold out, the parking is the hassle it always is. I can't complain about parking too much since it's technically free, but we were 3/4ths full in stadium attendance for the night but our parking overflowed into all facets of the surrounding areas. Anyone know who owns the field to the East of the stadium? I have a dream of a brand new parking lot right there.

Tifo's were out in force for opening day! The Beer Garden had a sweet Dallas Burn tifo go up right above the new addition to the stands. El Matador also had a tifo go up in addition to one by our very own Luetchy over here in the East Stand! Loved the tifo's from all these sections and hope to see more in the future.

Nervy Game - Best Finish

The entire game was shaky at best from what I could tell. The crowd was holding on to it's nerves as San Jose got good looks on goal. FC Dallas were combining well and getting applause from the audience but it always seemed like that final ball would conjure up a groan from the collective crowd. But when Mo Hernandez shot it straight at Blas' head into the net it was a huge release for the entire crowd who went absolutely ballistic.

Biggest complaint had to be that it look more than 93 minutes to beat the San Jose Earthquakes. With a team that has ambitions of trying to go further than where we got last year it's worrisome to say the least. That and Atiba's temper. Those were the only complaints I and any other fans I talked to after the game had.

My most exciting player to watch award has to go with our captain my captain, Matt Hedges. He was a huge part of the clean sheet we kept that day and kept SJ at bay by being our usual anchor at the back. Hedges is going to have a huge season and this opening day was just the beginning.

Fan quote of the night:

"What song is it? I can't even hear sh!t." - Man to his wife during the 'Name That Tune' halftime segment.

Who was your most exciting player to watch? Was it funny when Wondo missed that curling shot? Did anyone else underdress like I did? Let me know in the comments!