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Where FC Dallas fans are according to Facebook

Fox Soccer teamed up with Facebook to see where MLS fans are around the country.

Fox Soccer/Facebook

The joys of a new season are here as previews are flooding everyone's Twitter feeds right now. Fox Soccer took it one step further by getting together with Facebook to see where fans are of the 20 MLS clubs in the US.

Sadly, according to their main map, FC Dallas doesn't own Texas. Instead, the boys in red own Arkansas and Oklahoma, which is at least positive to see them in those areas doing well.

Thankfully Fox did do a map of Texas specifically to see how FCD stacks up against the Houston Dynamo and NASL champions San Antonio Scorpions. It is rather interesting to see the footprint that the NASL side has gained in the last year and it will be worth watching to see how much bigger they get in the state as the years go on.

There is still a ton of grey space out there for FC Dallas to gobble up. Do you think getting some of those open counties will help FC Dallas own Texas? Or do you think they already do? Just judging by team specific pages alone, FCD already has a good start to that argument.