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MLS and players reportedly agree to new CBA

FC Dallas will get to kickoff their 20th season on Saturday against San Jose.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing like waiting until the 11th hour to get a deal one. Major League Soccer and its players have reportedly agreed to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement that will allow the 20th season to kickoff as scheduled this Friday. The two sides entered federal mediation on Monday, and were able to reach a deal after extensive deliberations.

This is a pretty radical turnaround consider where things were just 24 hours ago. We heard talks of free agency was being allowed by the owners but in a very limiting way (ten years of service and 32 years old). Owners softened their stance considerably afterwards, and the two sides apparently agreed to allow players to become free agents at a younger age and after fewer years of service, reportedly 28 years old and eight years in the league.

Paul Tenorio of the Orlando Sentinel has more of the specifics of the new deal.

Players who are making under $100,000 have a cap of a 125-percent increase of their salary, players making between $100-200,000 have a cap of 120-percent and players making more than $200,000 have a cap of 115-percent.

In addition, the new CBA includes a minimum salary of $60,000, though that number will increase incrementally per year. The source said there was also an increase in the overall salary cap, though the source could not immediately provide that number.

That minimum raise is pretty good, up about $10-15k from the previous minimum.

The one interesting thing to note came from Ives Galercep though. Players from FC Dallas apparently were apart of a group that voted against this new CBA.

Again, a lot of the specifics are still coming out on this but we'll do our best to pass those along to you as we get them.

So there you go folks. We have a season to look forward to this weekend!