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CBA Roundup: Talks continue as teams begin to travel

Could today be the day?

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After last night's thrilling 1-1 draw for the Montreal Impact in the CONCACAF Champions League, I had a brief discussion with a couple folks that wondered the same as I did. Will MLS and its players finally come to an agreement to avoid a disastrous possibility that one (or even two of their teams, should DCU somehow win their series), may have to forfeit?

Naturally that topic isn't high on everyone's mind as the CBA talks continue into Wednesday in Washington. As bad as Tuesday got, at least on social media, it did seem that things got better in the end of the day like they did in Montreal.

Just to take a step back a bit to yesterday, the owners did finally budge on the whole free agency thing. Unfortunately their offer to the players was a pretty crappy one.

That also went with a proposal that a new CBA would last eight years. Yikes, that is a long time.

One tweet that did catch my attention was that the Colorado Rapids players involved left early to fly back to Denver.

Naturally this doesn't tell us a ton but I read the tea leaves as if the Rapids flew out early to begin selling their own team on a vote.

The other interesting note from Brooke Tunstall is that two clubs are pushing MLS hard to get a deal done. No surprise at why these two are pushing either.

Now we're left to really one more day, Wednesday, to get something done. Thankfully teams are now scheduled to travel for their weekend games, something that didn't appear to be possible earlier in the week.

So there you have it. A bit of a cliff notes version of the night. We had plenty of links in our morning links post on this as well to help fill in any other gaps you may have.

My thought on this:

I still remain pretty optimistic that something will get done here. Some of the tweets we have above were sent out and based on some other comments I was given yesterday, just about any news that was leaked out was already old news. By the time anyone could have come up with Brad Davis' name for the only player that has been with a club for ten years and is over 32 in age, the two sides were already discussing counter proposals. That is just the nature of the beast with these sorts of things.

But seeing that teams will fly and a couple owners putting pressure on the league to get this resolved is a positive sign that the two sides will come to some sort of agreement. The players could still agree to strike this morning but my gut tells me that they'll continue to talk with the owners. Every bit of sound I've heard from both sides is that they all want to play this weekend.

A lot can and will change by the time you finish reading this too. We'll do our best to keep you up to date on the latest with this.