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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The international break is nearly over for MLS as the US plays again today.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Thankfully the lovely FIFA international 'break' is almost over here and FC Dallas will be getting some of their key players back. We'll look at some of that later on but first here are your morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Vote for FCD in the Big D Magazine Best of Big D awards |

Time to root on the good guys in the local awards.

FCD drops second match of Dallas Cup |

Getting Monterrey in the group is never an easy thing and it showed yesterday for the young Hoops, a 4-1 loss. Ouch.

Seitz pitches shutout while his wife awaits their newborn child |

Did you know Chris and his lovely wife were expecting again? Anyways, this could be a story for the week if it goes into the the ladder part of the week and she hasn't had the kiddo yet.

// MLS //

Week four under a microscope |

Simon Borg takes a look at all the calls from this past weekend. Sounds like Borg things FCD got luckier than we may recall with one missed penalty in the game too.

Wright joining Cosmos is good for the USMNT | Twice a Cosmo

Very interesting story out of LA and NY that prized academy product of the Galaxy Haji Wright decided not to sign with LA but with the NY Cosmos instead. Now was this a money thing? More playing time thing? Or a mix of everything?

The Timbers 0-for-March isn't on Porter | Stumptown Footy

I didn't realize that the Timbers have stunk up the place in March under Caleb Porter like this but boy, hopefully FCD can take advantage of their slumping play this weekend.

It is time to fix MLS's broken international calendar | 91st Minute

Yes, it totally is time to fix it. Just listening to Counter Attack radio on my way home yesterday from work and this was a topic of conversation with John Harks and Tony Meola. They spent more time telling and talking to listeners that didn't like the MLS product but most of it was due to the league not breaking for international weekends like this.

History made for all the wrong reasons |

It is good for MLS to say that they have nearly 60 guys called into an international break but it really messes up the weekend play when they don't break for it. The FCD-Sounder game from this past weekend is a great example of why things need changing.

// USMNT //

Klinsmann continues to tinker with his lineup | Fox Soccer

Can the US actually do something positive today?

// USWNT //

Pay-to-play hurts diversity with USWNT | Bent Musket

Some really good research in this piece, it is definitely worth your time as we build up to the Women's World Cup this summer in Canada.

Alright, that appears to be it for now. What do you all have going on today?