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FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders: By The Numbers

Taking a peek into the numbers from the Seattle game

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Let's just dive right into the numbers shall we?

0 - That's zero shots on goal from both teams last Saturday, and as surely as you've seen on the interwebs, this marks the first time in league history that's ever happened.

2 - That's the second game in a row that Michel has hit the crossbar off a free kick. At some point one of those has to go in right?

3 - Chris Seitz picked up his third clean sheet of 2015. Which coincidentally sets a career high for him in a season. He is also tied for first in the league with Colorado's Clint Irwin.

8 - Victor Ulloa had a staggering 8 interceptions against the Sounders. Which incidentally is one more than the entire Sounders team.

4 - And while we're on Ulloa, this is his fourth consecutive game where he's reached double digits in three key defensive actions (tackles won, interceptions and recoveries). Zach Loyd is the only other FC Dallas player who has reached those defensive marks.

12 - This one baffles me and probably many of you too, but it took 12 fouls from the Sounders before they were issued a yellow card. With the talk about cracking down on persistent infringement, you would think Micheal Azira would have been booked earlier (total of 5 fouls!) with two coming within the first minutes of the game. But it is what it is.

70Some of you may have caught wind of Sigi Schmid's comments about Dallas playing for fouls. I did want to check that, so as of 2015, 70% of Dallas' shots have been from the run of play resulting in 4 of the team's 6 goals. And no, none of the fouls suffered were simulated, so no Sigi, Dallas doesn't play for free kicks.

18,333 - Attendance was huge last Saturday. A bump of 4,184 from the previous home game. Only the July 4th (21,182)  game and the LA game (19,039) in Donovan's send off drew higher numbers in 2014.