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Workhorse of the Week vs. Seattle Sounders

A 0-0 draw to FCD's best crowd of the season was not exactly what we hoped for, but after going down a man, FCD pulled out a decent result while missing key players. Who led the team to a gritty home point and clean sheet?

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Congratulations to Week 3 winner, Ryan Hollingshead, with a run away 63% of the vote for his performance against Philly. Kudos to Tesho Akindele and Victor Ulloa for 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

A big home game against Seattle Sounders was probably the most anticipated match of the first month, but it turned out to be sort of a mixed bag. Both teams were missing key players. A young mistake by Kellyn Acosta meant FCD played the majority of the game a man down. Regardless, FC Dallas managed a clean sheet, no easy feet against a talented Seattle squad with an advantage.

It's a long season - even at home, a draw is not always the worst result.

After the red card, who stepped up and made sure that FCD's defense would stay strong? Who covered lots of ground, played out of position, and sweated to keep that point within grasp? Who was the unsung hero of the match for FC Dallas? Who was your Workhorse of the Week?

Cast your vote below. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

This Week's Strong Candidates

Victor Ulloa

I'll just let Drew Epperley do the talking from his "What We Learned" article:

Victor Ulloa also may have had his best game this season out there. The fight, the hustle, the energy he brought for the 90 minutes on Saturday was something else for a young player like him. I continue to be blown away by his ability on and off the ball. His game isn't anything that typically shows up in the stat sheet but to me that is the definition of a guy in his midfield position. Do the dirty work, keep the pressure off the back four and find ways to move the ball forward. He did all three against Seattle.

A vote for Ulloa is a damn fine vote.


As I watched the drama unfold, I figured that Michel would be brought off fairly early into the second half. He's not the fastest player on the field, and I guessed that FCD would have to try to find an equalizer or just go ahead and push for the win. Bringing Barrios on for Michel seemed like a sensible move. Instead, Michel went the full 90 and was arguably our most dangerous asset. It is weird that a free kick that hits the crossbar is not counted as a shot on target, but whatever. Michel was a rock for this team and slid all over the place to fill space during key moments when our defense was being stretched.

Ryan Hollingshead

Get used to this name here. The kid did not have the flashiest game, but he worked hard. While he did not go the full 90, one of Pareja's tweaks was to slot him into the left back position. Hollingshead was forced to deal with former teammate, Andy Rose, throughout the match and did well. His versatility and athleticism is a huge boon to the team in situations like this. I do wish he could have generated a little more of an offensive spark, but with a man down, no one expects the second year player to be a miracle worker.