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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The regular season is right around the corner as everyone has a season preview out.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

You can tell the season is nearly here as every MLS team is hyping up this weekend in various ways. FC Dallas is handing out free food and other things this week to excite fans about Saturday. We'll get into that later but first here are your morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Digital day at the club |

Loads of chats, interviews and more with the club today. Should be loads of fun.

What to expect from FC Dallas in 2015 |

Lots of optimism in this piece. Lots of it.

FC Dallas team guide for 2015 |

More optimism, this time from the league's website.

FC Dallas team preview |

This one is in video form. Lots of interesting takes on the team, most on point really. Our pal Jay Neal even makes an appearance in this one. Good job Jay!

MLS Season Preview: FC Dallas |

And one more preview to get your going today.

// MLS //

10 minutes with Alexi Lalas |

This one is a fairly long interview, 10 minutes can really cover a lot of ground when you have a talker like Lalas.

Bocanegra hired by MLS Atlanta team | The Goat Parade

Instead of staying in his hometown and working for the new LAFC team in 2017, Carlos Bocanegra opts to go east and work for Atlanta as their first technical director.

Boswell talks CBA | Black and Red United

Plenty of interesting points from a fairly blunt guy in Boswell. Still, things are sound somewhat optimistic at turning around here.

Columbus gets stadium name rights sold |

After all of these years the Crew finally have someone else's name to be on their stadium.

A conversation with Matt Doyle | Eight by Eight

Perhaps you don't like Doyle, or perhaps you do.

MLS labor talks enter late stages | Washington Post

I think the big thing here is seeing that owners like Clark Hunt and Robert Kraft are at the table for MLS right now. Two super conservative owners that helped saved the league back in the day, trying to keep free agency from being a thing.

Should MLS players skip the strike and sue instead? | ASN

I totally want MLS players to go to the table and say 'Boom. Lawyered.'

Don't trust what you read on the MLS CBA talks unless it is from an owner | Soccer Gods

Alright then, more CBA talk.

MLS logos 20 years later |

Crazy how far things have come and how New England has yet to do a damn thing with their logo. (hey good for them too)

How Frisco became the billion-dollar town | Biz Journals

This isn't entirely FCD-related but it definitely shows why FC Dallas made the jump to Frisco ten years ago instead of being closer to Dallas.

Alright, there is a ton there for you to digest with your breakfast. Hit us up below to let us know what you think.