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Big D Daily: News for Friday, March 27, 2015

Bring on the Sounders.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend is nearly here as we finally get to Friday. FC Dallas will take on Seattle tomorrow evening in Frisco, we'll have plenty on that game today and tomorrow morning but first we have some links to get to.

// FC Dallas //

Zendejas is a diamond in the rough | Dallas Soccer News

Alex Zendejas is another FCD Homegrown that could end up being a big time player for the club down the road.

Why Pareja made Hedges the team captain | Dallas Morning News

Here is a nice piece on why Matt Hedges was named the club's youngest captain by Oscar Pareja.

Everything coming full circle for Seitz |

He's unbeaten on the year with two shutouts. I don't think many people expected that back in January.

Pareja discusses international callups |

A lot of talk about Moises Hernandez getting the call from Guatemala this week. Just something to keep an eye on here as we move forward this season.

// MLS //

How Minnesota went from nearly extinction to MLS |

Minnesota's road to MLS was a bumpy one indeed but the story is probably one of the more fascinating ones that we've seen over the years with MLS expanding.

In contrast to Miami, Minnesota's future looks rosy | Soccer Gods

Another good look at why MLS went to Minnesota with this group.

NASL need to embrace Minnesota's move | Empire of Soccer

More footer on the NASL fun going on right now. I don't know why I am so interested in that league at the moment. Maybe it is because on the surface they seem so doomed to fail right now.

NASL expansion in LA isn't coming | Twice a Cosmo

According to some reports, the NASL won't be coming to LA. Which really hurts their D2 status because they have to have at least one team in the pacific time zone by next year. Truth be told, they need to get more than just that in the PT, travel costs will be horrible for just one team out there on their own.

Xavi signs with a team in Qatar | ESPNFC

It doesn't appear that Xavi will be coming to NY or MLS this summer after all. Sounds like he is just going there to collect a big check and retire though. Makes me glad he won't be doing that here in MLS.

Alright, that seems like a good start to the day. What do you have to say?