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Arizona United SC: Getting to know your Midfielders

It's a good thing you didn't really know this team in 2014, because the midfield would be unrecognizable to you. But that turnover could mean big things in 2015.

H. Jose Bosch

Welcome back to our preview of your new USL team: Arizona United SC. Yes, we’re still waiting on who exactly will be loaned out from FC Dallas and your guess is as good as mine. But whoever is sent down, none of us will really know how this relationship will work until we actually see the type of players who are regularly loaned out.

Will FC Dallas use AZ United SC to develop young players who can’t quite crack the game day 18? Will it be a repository for rehabbing regulars? Maybe a combination of both? Who knows?! Regardless of what either organization says publicly, we’ll only be able to judge them on their actions.

Until then, we move on with our season preview! Today we’re checking out the midfielders.

George Malki

Twitter: @malkigeorge

Fun fact: Malki was named the Gatorade Arizona Boys Soccer Player of the Year in 2010.

YouTube clip: How much do you know about inflation and deflation? Have your eyes glossed up just reading that sentence? Good news: George Malki can give you the low-dizzle.

Joey Dillon

Twitter: N/A

Fun fact: Dillon shares a name with THE Joey "Rocketshoes" Dillon, a self-proclaimed "multiple world title holder in Trick Gunspinning and Handling."  He was also the 2013 Big East Midfielder of the year his senior season at Georgetown, which is more relevant but not nearly as much fun.

YouTube clip: Seriously, Joey Dillon gunslinger is all over the Internet, which is a shame for Joey Dillon soccer player, because gunslinging is about the only thing you’ll find when trying to find Joey Dillon soccer highlights. Good news, though. Looking for Joey Dillon soccer highlights brought me to this video with the caption "Joey Dillon demonstrates the fine art of convincing someone you’re giving them your gun when you intend on shooting them." So, there’s that.

Jose "Chiva" Cuevas

Twitter: @jchivacuevas

Fun fact: Cuevas was the 2012 USL Rookie of the Year and was named the MVP of the 2012 USL Championship match while with the Charleston Battery. In that championship game, Cuevas assisted on the game-winning goal.

YouTube clip: You can sit through most of this video and learn a thing about USL streaming in 2013 (not good), or just fast forward to 7:03 to watch Cuavas curl a far-post beauty into the net.

Robbie Derschang

Twitter: @RobbieDerschang

Fun fact: Derschang was second on the team in points (13) and tied for the team lead in goals scored (6) with Harrisburg City Islanders last season.

YouTube clip: In this highlight video Derschang is playing left back, but he’s listed as a midfielder, and when I watched training on Wednesday morning, that’s where he was during a full field scrimmage. Based on these highlights and the scrimmage, he’s going to help provide width on the attack.

Victor Munoz

Twitter: @viacomm10

Fun Fact: As a youth from 2001-10, Munoz played for Real Madrid (‘01-‘09) and Celta de Vigo (’09-’10). He was also called up to the U-15, U-16 and U-17 Spanish Youth National Teams.

YouTube clip: Munoz is the young man passing the ball into the box, setting up the goal-scoring opportunity. Sure, it’s just one clip, but I’d take that touch on the attack.

Cameron Vickers

Twitter: @cvickers7

Fun fact: According to his Twitter bio, Vickers is a "Bodylogix athlete" which means if you follow him on Twitter, you will learn more about workouts or protein than you thought possible. But at least you’ll learn how to get hella ripped.

YouTube clip: Not a bad highlight tape. But what makes it is the use of Daft Punk’s "Get Lucky"


Alex Shinsky

Twitter: @alex_shinsky

Fun fact: Coming out of high school in 2010, Shinsky was the No. 1 recruit in the nation according to and the No. 2 recruit according to College Soccer News. He also played with the U-17 U.S. National Team, where he scored a goal during the FIFA World Cup in Malawi in 2009.

YouTube clip: There is basically nothing on Shinsky video-wise, so if you want to know how Shinky handles post-game interviews when he’s 17 and in 2009, then this video is perfect for you.

Midfield is the biggest question mark going into 2015. Malki is the only midfielder returning from last season’s squad and he appeared in just four games and played a total of 43 minutes. That’s not to say this crop of midfielders is inexperienced. All but Shinsky has played professionally. But this will be the first time any of them play together and the growing pains of gelling together could hurt the team for the first few weeks of the season.

But should most of these guys play to their potential, Arizona United could be very dangerous in the middle of the pitch.