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FC Dallas has an open Designated Player slot again

David Texeira is no longer a DP.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the more you know is really, really valuable. Thanks to some folks on Twitter for pointing this out but FC Dallas now has an open Designated Player slot again. David Texeira no longer counts as a DP according to the league's pressbox website list of DPs.

Before the season started we found out that Fabian Castillo moved back into a DP spot for the club following the signing of his new five-year contract with the club.

Texeira joined the club before the 2014 season as a young DP from Eredevisie side FC Groningen. He scored only four goals in his first season with the club as he struggled to maintain playing time with the team.

What does this all really mean for the club? A lot actually, as the team now has an open DP slot to use this summer in the transfer window should they choose to. We don't know whether or not they paid to get his salary below the DP line with allocation money, but it is a good chance that they did considering the fact that his cost would go up this season. Texeira turned 24 at the end of February, meaning he would go out of the 'Young DP' zone.

Our pal Steve Fenn gives us a good bit of info to consider here with regards to the league's transfer windows:

Think FCD will be able to snag someone DP worthy this summer? If so, do you get another attacking player or do you get a defensive midfielder like some clubs have been doing here lately?