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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yet another loss for the USMNT.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Things aren't looking all that great for Jurgen Klinsmann or the United States national side these days. Yesterday, they dropped another game in Europe, squandering a lead to Denmark in the final minutes. Oh well, time to refocus things a bit and get into some morning links.

// FC Dallas //

Scouting the enemy | Dallas Beer Guardians

Time to get ready for this weekend's game with a look at Seattle. We'll have our scouting out as well either today or tomorrow.

Hollingshead looks to make himself known |

The one to watch for in 2015 is starting to be the big guy on campus.

// MLS //

The High Five for the week |

Plenty of good notes and thoughts from Steve Davis this week. He touches on a lot of things that I've been thinking lately as well but his discussion out of the gate on the DPs is spot on.

Garber on Minnesota |

A lot of good things were said yesterday as the league introduced Minnesota United FC as the next expansion team.

Expansion timeline in MLS |

Some nifty graphic work here but it is funny to see how the league ignores some things as well (like Miami, San Jose's expansion after the club moved to Houston).

Will MLS drop the downtown search for Miami? | Soccer America

This one came out a day or so ago but it is worth revisiting now that Minnesota is done. Don't be shocked if the 45-60 day lingo that was thrown out there was really meant for Miami to get their crap together.

Minnesota actually could come before LAFC | The Goat Parade

Some discussions with Garber following the big press conference revealed that Atlanta is for sure coming into the league in 2017 but LAFC and Minnesota could swap years depending on who gets a stadium first.

NASL's statement on Minnesota United FC |

This one makes me laugh. A lot. NASL has some very strange words about how Minnesota is leaving their tiny league in a couple years. Boy, if Traffic and the NY Cosmos didn't rule this league, they'd already be folded.

MLS vs the NASL | US Soccer Players

Some interesting thoughts on how the league is taking a slew of NASL teams/markets here.

Familiar issues hurt US against Denmark | Fox Soccer

I honestly didn't even watch yesterday's game other than the highlights. But from the look and sound of things, there was a ton of energy lacking in this US team.

New faces but same problems for the US |

Here are some more good notes on the same sore subject.

Alright, that is all that I have for now. It was rather expansion heavy today. What do you all think?