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Workhorse of the Week vs. Philadelphia Union

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It began as a tight, physical grudge match but ended with FC Dallas taking complete control. Which FCD player muscled his way into our profound admiration and respect with his work rate, effort, and moxy? Cast your vote.

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First, congratulations to Zach Loyd for emerging as the clear Workhorse of the Week versus Sporting Kansas City by a huge margin in last week's vote. Michel clocked in at second, but third was split by Moises Hernandez, Matt Hedges, and Ryan Hollingshead. All excellent choices.

This week, we take a look at the game against the Philadelphia Union. For me, it was a tale of two halves and a red card. In the first half, FC Dallas couldn't quite get it done, but ongoing adjustments and an eventual red card (by Philly's goat of the match, Zach Pfeffer) proved the Union's undoing. The second half was complete and utter dominance. The score should have been higher, much higher.

Again, cast your vote in the poll below for you who think was the Workhorse of the Week. This is the player who may not get the goals or assists but helped muscled FCD into another solid showing. Of course, it's really up to you. If you feel like the best candidate worked his tail off and even got some goals or assists, vote for him below.

This Week's Strong Candidates

Tesho Akindele

Tesho got himself a wonderful goal, his first of the season, but if there was one player who really showed up to play all 90 minutes, it was Tesho. In the first half, when most of FCD was struggling to retain possession and generate attack, Tesho was the most dangerous. He got into tough positions, battled against Philly's center backs, and worked hard to get something going. I am still expecting a sophomore slump for Tesho, but if it doesn't happen, I'm pretty cool with that. Tesho's workrate really compliments the rest of this team, and he seems to be growing more comfortable playing either up top or in a wider role.

Ryan Hollingshead

I have a feeling Ryan has the potential to win Workhorse of the Season come the fall. This kid is so exciting to watch. He has some of the athleticism that I admired in Brek Shea but with a greater head and work rate for the game. Coming in at halftime, he helped FCD stretch the field and did a lot of dirty work to put the game away. His first goal of his MLS career was really, really nice.

By the way, I hammered on Hyndman hard for drafting this kid in the 2nd round back in 2013, knowing that there was a strong chance he would not play that season. In retrospect: Schellas, good call.

Victor Ulloa

We will be calling Victor's name a lot over the course of the season. I think most of us wonder if he is ultimately a little too undersized to be a great holding mid in this league, but with each game, he proves us wrong. Best of all, he wants to succeed, and he wants to do the little things to help his team win. He made some key adjustments in the first half, with guidance from Oscar Pareja, to help turn the tide and get FCD back into control. It's also telling that, with a yellow card even, his coach had no problem leaving him in as the sole CDM for the second half. Victor is playing smart, good soccer.