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View From the East: Perfection Continued!

3-0 start, who would've believed this if you had been told at the beginning of the season? Incredible start, and it was a fun game to watch if you don't count the commentators!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Demarco Murray's new home finally allowed us to play some soccer after having to postpone the match until Saturday. FC Dallas facing Philly in Philadelphia for the only match against the Union for the year barring another heart breaking meeting in the US Open Cup.

Univision Deportes was hosting our match on the television with two commentators that took a good amount of flak all over social media. People muted the broadcast, switched it back to Spanish, and others sat through the cringe-worthy play-by-play calls for their team. However you watched the game, as FC Dallas fans we all had to enjoy the three points being earned on the road.

People's Elbow

Can you smell what the Zach Pfeffer is cooking?! It looked like Brock Lesnar vs John Cena at Wrestlemania all over again. Ok, exaggerating. It seemed like most Philly fans agree that a red was the correct call and Pfeffer was completely reckless. At first glance I thought it was a bad challenge, but when you go back on the replay and see Mauro's head immediately get thrown back by the power of the elbow strike it's almost cringe to me. Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was just insanely unlucky, either way it was punished correctly and definitely gave the visiting team a nice leg up and what seemed like a permanent momentum shift.

Capitalizing On Philly's Mistakes

FC Dallas put in a solid shift away from home. In the end though, it seems like the Hoops were almost gifted the game as they did well to capitalize on Philadelphia's mistakes and put this game into the win column. First the red card to Pfeffer, where he lost his mind and put his team down a man with a costly mistake. After this it seemed like the entire Union team's shoulders dropped and their will to fight that was showing in the first 10 minutes was lost. Then for the first goal, Tesho Akindele was putting on some pedestrian pressure when the early sub Fabinho gifted him the opener. We can't help but be pleased that this is a team that capitalizes on opposition mistakes and makes them pay. This is how you earn points on the road, and in this case 3 of them.

Most exciting player to watch in this game for me was Ryan Hollingshead. My fellow Ryan came on at halftime and helped the team take full advantage of the man up. He was up and down the field putting a solid shift in defensively and offensively. Credit also has to be recognized on the part of Pareja for putting in the more mobile Hollingshead for Michel. His first career MLS goal wasn't the flashiest, but it sealed the deal for an immense road win for FC Dallas. Here's to many more Ryan!

Lastly, here it is, your fan quote of the night:

"Pfeffer might as well had done the entire People's Elbow routine with how intentional that looked."

Who was your most exciting player to watch? Did everyone love the commentators, or were y'all just happy we were at least nationally televised on a channel most of us get? Predictions on how long this run can last? Let me know in the comments below!