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Big D Daily: News for Friday, March 20, 2015

Its game day folks!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Our weekend gets started a tad early here today with FC Dallas on the road to take on Philadelphia. We still have some stuff to discuss on that one along with out game thread later today but first lets get into today's links.

// FC Dallas //

FCD looks for 3-0-0 start for the first time since 1998 | Dallas Morning News

It has been a long time coming since FCD last went undefeated in their first three games to start a season.

Infographic to breakdown FCD-PHL |

Nothing like a little infographic to start your day off with. Hopefully FCD ends their three game streak of only picking up draws in Philly tonight.

Kennedy embracing new role with FCD |

Everyone expects Dan Kennedy to start for whatever club he is on but he is taking his backup role seriously here.

// MLS //

Taking a look at the Revs' early season problems |

Matt Doyle tries to explain what is going on with New England after two games. It is simple, their defense is poor and they miss Jermaine Jones badly.

LAFC targeting a stadium site | The Goat Parade

I wouldn't be shocked at all to hear that LAFC breaks ground on a stadium long before David Beckham and Miami even has a deal in place.

LA edges FCD in Power Ranking index | RSL Soapbox

The RSL blog on SBN loves to do this PR index each year where they find as many Power Rankings across the internet and add up the average ranking for each team. Pretty interesting stuff, even more interesting to see where FCD landed.

Time for MLS to pull the plug on Miami | World Soccer Talk

I wouldn't be surprised if the announcement in the next month or so about expansion includes some talk on what they plan to do about Miami. Even more interesting is reading this writer explain why Tampa Bay makes far more sense for MLS to go after this time than Miami. Honestly, I agree with that argument.

The Miami Connection | Howler

Speaking of Miami, here is an extended look at one of the owners in Beckham's group. Just the subhead of this article alone makes you think there is something strange going on with this expansion bid.

Orlando ditches season ticket cap | News 13

So by ditching their cap, they ended up selling 24k tickets. Good grief, MLS hit a home run in getting this market. FCD and a few other clubs must be drooling over that kind of buzz.

Alright, that looks to be it for now. Who is ready for tonight?