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Community Predictions: What to expect out of Michael Barrios

Can Barrios be the right player on the wings for FC Dallas?

There are only a few things that we actually know about newly signed FC Dallas midfielder Michael Barrios. For one, he is already game fit according to manager Oscar Pareja. As recently as two weeks ago, he was playing a full 90 minutes with his former club. The other thing we know, he came here on a free move according to the league's transaction page.

So what do we really expect out of this new winger? If anything, Barrios will need some time to adjust to Major League Soccer and everything that involves with the travel within the league. He'll also need to adapt his style of play to the league. Hopefully he'll be less like Andres Escobar in the sense that he'll just take on guys with clever ball tricks and more like someone that wants to push the attack and get his team into a good scoring chance.

We're here to see what you think though. How many games do you think will play in, start, along with the number of goals he will score and assists he will bring. I'm caustiously optimistic here about Barrios as I think he'll be a good counter part to Ryan Hollingshead and will likely split time between him and Tesho Akindele.

20 games played, 15 starts, 4 goals, 6 assists