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Big D Daily: News for Monday, March 2, 2015

Hello March, nice to see you again.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We're finally back in regular season mode around these parts, at least we hope to be this week. We'll discuss more CBA related material later on but first here are a look at your morning links.

// FC Dallas //

2015 season preview | Dallas Morning News

The local paper gives us their season preview here as the regular season stands to kick off this weekend. Plenty of good material in this one.

Is your office DTID? |

The club is getting into the spirit of things here this week and they want to throw one person a party at their office to celebrate things on Wednesday.

// MLS //

How the champs found their groove |

The latest MLS Insider piece looks at how the Galaxy did what they always seem to do last year, win.

Houston gets back to their roots |

Matt Doyle's latest piece centers around how Houston hopes some defensive additions this offseason get them back to their roots. We all think they still suck so....

RSL owner fined for comments | RSL Soapbox

I believe we had this one on Friday, but just in case I forgot to add it, here is a quick look at what got RSL's owner in trouble.

MLS remains under a glass ceiling in Champions League | The Guardian

A pretty solid look at how things are going for MLS in CONCACAF.

MLS can't afford to have a strike | LA Times

A pretty interesting looks at what kind of funds the players have in their strike fund. Basically, it won't be enough to last them very long.

Players hopeful on a new CBA |

Some positive thoughts coming out of the players side yesterday. Talks will resume all week in Washington until something gets resolved or one side walks away.

MLS and American Sports capitalism | Soccernomics

Man, Stefan Syzmanski is all over the place these days talking MLS. He weighs in with another look at the whole single entity thing.

That appears to be all for now. Are you all ready for this weekend yet?