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View from the East: Reserves Beaten in Silent Game

FC Dallas traveled down to San Antonio and the reserves and youth players put on a performance that pretty much everyone was more or less horrified at.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Chilly rainy night in San Antonio, and it was the same up here in Dallas as two Texas rivals geared up for their respective seasons with a friendly that lacked quality, sound, and much excitement at all to be honest. Oscar Pareja went with an alternative line up due to circumstances and we were unable to get one last look at our strongest line up before we host the Earthquakes on opening day. What we got instead was a mix of reserve/youth/fringe players playing against the NASL champions. It wasn't all bad though, definitely positives, but there were a good amount of bads.

CB pairing of 2 LBs

Moises Hernandez and Michel paired up in the middle of the defense with a rookie LB and Atiba Harris at RB and STILL managed to shut out the NASL champions for 70 minutes. If anyone is not familiar with our CB depth chart, we do not have Moises Hernandez or Michel even in the top 4. Chris Seitz cost us, arguably, the losing goal after failing to smother a cross he came out to claim. Can't blame him too much, but you have to actually get the crosses you come out for. This make-shift defense was definitely shaky, but it held it's own for most of the game. What was most disappointing to me was the offense...

David Texeira & Kyle Bekker (Brought to you by this Ad)

I'll start off by saying I still have hope for David. The guy works hard, and has potential even if his age suggests he can't really develop much more. Pareja certainly keeps getting looks at this guy but he seems to be a poacher that is attempting to be used as a target man. His touch is abysmal, he gets tackled very easily, and I think the fan base has had almost enough. Like I said, I still have hope for David, but I think we can chalk Saturday night's performance up as yet another disappointing performance for Big Tex.

Kyle Bekker. CDM definitely is not his strong point as we saw. Wasn't he supposed to be a backup to Mauro Diaz? Maybe he can develop? There's not much I can say about Bekker other than this was an unfortunate performance and if he's on the starting line-up next week I'll start to worry intensely.

Youth Was The Best Part

As is custom with FC Dallas, our youth shone as much as they could shine here. Does anyone have an average age of the players out there Saturday night?! Michel was the only player over 30, and we had Devin Vega, a u-16 player come on for the last few minutes of the game. The two other academy players, goalscorer Santiago Agudelo and Aaron Meyer, were both very solid performers on the night. It shows again that our academy is still able to churn out good players.

What did y'all think of the game? Waste of time or a good indication that we have scarce depth? Or was it a good window to see some of our youth in action against the NASL champions? Maybe we'll see a couple of these guys head over to Arizona? Leave comments below!