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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Did you vote for Fabian or Chris yet?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The rains are moving back into the Dallas area today but that shouldn't put a damper on how things are going so far for FC Dallas this season. Lets get into some morning links to get the day started off right.

// FC Dallas //

Bekker discusses his wild debut with FCD | Dallas Morning News

Even though I haven't been overly impressed with him so far this year, it was a pretty fun introduction for most fans to see Kyle Bekker throw down Kevin Ellis like he did. Sometimes we all need a little crazy.

// MLS //

Cristiano Ronaldo set to come to MLS in 2018 |

Fun that the clubs listed are NY, LA and Miami. Even more fun when you really think that two clubs in that aren't even around yet (LAFC and whatever Miami is called). Make me wonder if Ronaldo could save Beckham's expansion hopes.

Deshorn Brown sold to Norwegian side | Burgundy Wave

If there were any doubts about the Rapids this season, selling their leading scorer from the last couple of years should just be an even bigger doubt placed on them. Funny thing though, the press release from the Rapids stated that they traded Brown to Valerenga.

Eddie Johnson's career might be in danger | Washington Post

This story is rather scary to be honest. EJ may not be the most likable guy out there but you have to feel a bit sorry for him right now considering his career may be on the line with his health issues right now.

Unions' Danny Cruz set to go on loan | CBS Philly

A little tip for this weekend, FCD likely won't have to deal with Danny Cruz. Not that they would have considering how far down the bench he has been for them this season.

Sapong and Maidana out for the Union | Brotherly Game

One more on the Union this morning, it looks as though they'll be without some key attackers this week as well.

Impact hope to continue CCL run | Fox Soccer

I remember a few years ago during RSL's deep run in the tournament how a lot of MLS fans got into rooting for them in the CCL. I wonder if we'll do the same for Montreal. Watch most of us not care about this and they end up winning the whole damn thing.

Sacramento still bullish on MLS hopes |

From the folks I've talked to in Sacramento this week, they all still seem to think this thing will still happen despite the whole Minnesota United thing that came out earlier in the week.

Alright, that is all that I have for now. What do you all have to say today?