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Squad Selection: FC Dallas v Philadelphia Union

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Dallas hits the road for the first time in 2015, who do you bring with you?

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FC Dallas leaves the safety and relatively warm weather of Frisco to head north and brave the elements. There's been reports that there's a decent chance of snow on Friday. (Orange ball!) And we are back at it again with your squad selection and who will you take with you up to the City of Brotherly Love?

Remember, we are looking for what you will do, not what you think Oscar Pareja will do. Plus these road games are always very tricky. Do you go for the win to keep the perfect season going? Do you play it safe, since this is an Eastern Conference opponent, and you can try to just come home with a solitary point instead and keep the montage of win at home and draw on the road?

The other wrinkle here is that Je-Vaughn Watson is back but not fully match fit yet. So let's assume that he can probably go 20-30 minutes at this point. Do you take him with you or keep him home to work on his fitness to accelerate his timetable of when he'll be fit enough to go the full 90? Also, the young and talented Alex Zendejas is back. I doubt many of you will bring him with you, but it is another body to choose from.

And finally, what do you do with Mauro Diaz? Clearly the most technically talented player on the team, but Dallas has not figured out how to devastate opponents with him on the pitch. Do you continue starting him? Do you move him out to the wings? What do you want to do?


Coy Craft - left shoulder surgery

Stephen Keel - right foot surgery

Vote away and sound off in the comments with your selection ideas!

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